Read one article NFL Pro Bowl: Super Bowl appetizer before the All-Star Game is no shortage of ornamental

January 26 hearing currently NFL season has entered the countdown stage of the Super Bowl, all the fans highly anticipated, are waiting for chiefs and 49 match-ups. However, in previous years, in the week before the Super Bowl there is an “appetizer” – Pro Bowl (Pro Bowl). This is equivalent to the NFL All-Star Game Edition game is still scheduled to go to war, while the Pro Bowl this season and what areas of concern it? Let us have a look.

time and location:

Beijing on Jan. 27, although has entered the year 2020, but the 2019 Pro Bowl season was long overdue, but the venue is still in scenic Orlando, Florida. From 1980– 2016, Pro Bowl games have been held at Aloha Stadium Hawaii (except 2010 and 2015); but after the NFL and Aolanduoda become a multi-year agreement, after a few years moved on to the Pro Bowl in Orlando.

Prior to the Pro Bowl because of the lower confrontational, many players “do not contribute labor,” so that the Pro Bowl with a lot of other sporting events, like the All-Star game suffered Tucao, Roger, president of the NFL – Goodell was even considering the cancellation of the game . In 2017, they even considered the Pro Bowl game into the Rio de Janeiro or Mexico City, in order to allow the NFL to promote the internationalization of more effective, but in the end they chose to settle down in Orlando.

Selected star

Pro Bowl roster is determined by the three-part vote, voting coaches, players and fans voting poll each one-third. So many times in the prestigious fans candidate to vote last but not selected for the Pro Bowl (such as Beckham last season), but this list is still not the final entry list after production.

Taking into account today’s Pro Bowl game into the Super Bowl held the previous week, while under normal circumstances ultimately the Super Bowl Pro Bowl teams are mostly selected list of large, intense preparations for the Super Bowl in the team who will stage out of a few day to do something fun? So the players involved in the voting list to attend the Super Bowl two teams automatically absence of Pro Bowl.

At the same time, also consider an injury to a player and the player himself does not want to participate in the Pro Bowl game two factors, it is generally the actual players participating in the Super Bowl with the voters’ list will have some access.

For example, Midland list Chiefs quarterback Patrick – Macho James need to participate in the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl by – he took part in what is his Titans quarterback Ryan knocked out of the American League finals – Tannehill. National League list Panthers running back Christian – McAdoo Frey appeared injury after his election, he participated in a by Pro Bowl is his same district rivals Saints running back Alvin – Camara.

National League list Packers quarterback Aaron – Rogers has repeatedly chosen not to participate in the Pro Bowl, was voted into being helpless or list, he entered the Pro Bowl and fill vacancies that Vikings quarterback Kirk – Cousins. In addition, this Pro Bowl two coaches were led coach John Crow – Hubble and Seahawks coach Pete – Carol.

Game point

A few years ago the Pro Bowl game really surprise scarce, after all, after the audience used to seeing a shooting contest regular season and playoffs, the other hand Pro Bowl this daily training level of physical confrontation is indeed some can not accept. But the Pro Bowl the last two years there have been some signs of improvement on the watch, which makes the event more lift at least the public’s appetite than in the past few years.

The past two years, more and more young quarterbacks in the league emerge, such as Macho Williams last season and this season, Lamar – Jackson, and their outstanding play also won fans more votes. Not only is the quarterback, players at other positions, there have been more new faces, there is a majority of players are only in recent years to join the alliance, which in the past did not participate in Pro Bowl players had just arrived, will bring more and more freshness.

Tannehill return to Florida

Former American League finals, stems about Tannehill return home (Miami Super Bowl venue Hard Rock Stadium) is so widespread. Although not able to do so to return to Miami, but again returned to Orlando, Florida. The counter-attack this season is the perfect example of a quarterback, but fully proved in Dolphin poor performance is not their problem, but a year later returned to Florida, Tannehill will come up with the kind of performance? Florida fans and how he would approach? Some cause for concern.

“Heisman Trident” Fun pavement will do?

Although crashed out early American League semi-final, but the Ravens Pro Bowl this season is undoubtedly the big winner, by-count incoming tackles Orlando Brown – they total 13 players to be selected. The quarterback and running back Mark Jackson – Ingram in the “Heisman combination” road during the regular season rushing let many opponents suffered enough, this time, they also added another Heisman winner – Derek – Henry. I do not know the hand grip “Heisman Trident” coach Hubble will play some different pavement flower job.

The League of Nations, “Pro Bowl B team” can win break the drought?

As previously mentioned, the Pro Bowl voting list and the actual list will be slightly different, but when you see the list of the League of Nations, could not help but issue a trace sigh – this out of some big now! Just a change of team ah! Four wide receivers for a Sa, Sa four corners of the guard for a two tight end all changed, all changed three care front, two inside linebacker all changed …… when you see the list of the League of Nations voted the fans full of joy after, they found appear in the Orlando stadium is a whole other group of men.

Pro Bowl last season, losing to the United States United States United Macho James led the former poor score under the leadership of Cowboys coach Garrett 7-26. And since the Pro Bowl back to the American League against the National League mode, the National League team has to eat a three-game losing streak! Play go play, trouble go downtown, after all, the total output is not very nice. I do not know under the leadership of “Silver Fox,” Carol, this “National League B team” can break this embarrassing situation?