Playing the ball magic curse continues to cover the Chicago bear trial eight players only two people

Chicago Bear Invited 8 players to participate in the 3-day new Xiu mini training camp during the process of finding Cotti Paki Run.

But the initial results of this effort are not confident.

The team coach Matte-Naji requires that 8 people completed a 43-yard shot in front of all participating training counsers before the end of training. This is the distance from the last time Paki shot of the Francisco Eagle last season.

However, this result is that the bear plays to play 8 times 8 shot only 2 times.

“This is not good enough,” Nairi said. “Now I will only say this: We have been paying attention to the results, the most important thing is that the success rate is 100%, right? But as we see, only 2 shots have been successful, this is not 100%. Well. I just say so much. “

There are 4 players in the bear team, and 4 people come to trial. They plans to reduce the number of kicks and officially let the players begin to compete when the July training camp begins.

Since the beginning of the regular season in 2016, the most popular Robbie Robie-Gould, the bear team has not found a stable candidate in the playing position. Currently, Golde has already joined the privilege label, but he said last week that he would say that it was traded, otherwise it would not report to the team before the beginning of the new season.