Piilla New season faces new challenges: How to transform the patriot "Classic Car"

Bilipk is facing new challenges

Bilipk is facing new challenges

February 6 (Wen / ESPN Mike Reiss Compilation / Love Bao) In the TV show before the superb bowl live broadcast, now the front black panther’s near-end Panther Greg Olsen is sitting in front of the Freedom. Former New England Patriots Star Close Around Rob, Rob Gronkowski, called yourself will be the third candidate at the near-end front of the 2020 season.

Although this is a true joke, it is possible to make a joke, but it also reflects two issues that the patriots coach Belichick is in the rest period. How to make up The lack of the end of the arm, and how to improve the team’s slow aging on the season.

The word “aging” is especially critical here.

According to ESPN data statistics, the patriot is 27.8 years old last season, and is the oldest in the alliance. And they have 17 team members aged 30 years old, which is also the most alliance. Therefore, after Olsen enters the free market, the patriot is a very likely, he is 34 years old, and the patriot of the patriot seems to be very opposite to his appetite.

According to ESPN, Adam Xiev specially revealed that Olsen will first visit Bill and Red Leather two teams, because he once in the Black Leopard Division Shaun – McDotmot and Ron-Rivi The pull is the coach of the two teams. In addition, Olsen also went to the Hawowk inquiries.

Indeed, Olsen is a nice close-end candidate, but why the patriot did not appear in this list? Perhaps the coach Bilchk has its own consideration. After all, a team is impossible to rely on the old will, with the new belt new is the trial of all group sports. The patriot should also take a courageous step in the 2020 season.

However, they need to solve the first question first: Whether the 42-year-old quartz Tom Braddy is left.

Making the team’s fastest way is to directly handle the 23-year-old four-point quasi-Galret Steidham, and then toughly with 34-year-old specialist group captain Matthew Srite, 32-year-old main safety satellite-McCoti and the 31-year-old long-term special team member Note – Ehib waved his hand.

This is like a bandage than a wound, you don’t choose to let this wound healy healed, but decisively torn off the bandage. If this is done, then the patriot’s draft level is quite key. This season has a first round sign and three three-wheeled signs. If they receive compensation, they can do some articles in the election conference. But considering that their election in the past two years, this decision naturally takes great risk.

However, this extreme approach can also bring additional benefits – alleviate salary spatial pressure. The 2020 season patriot expected the operable salaries at around 29 million, and then look at the dolphins in the same district with nearly $ 100 million salary space, and the patriot is obviously tapped in the free players. It sounds good to alleviate the salary space through layoffs, but the problem is whether adding fresh blood can be seamlessly connected?

Dolphins is the youngest team in the 2019 season, with average age of 25.7, the team owner Rostertan is experiencing the re-establishment period, and whether the patriot has a courage to experience such as dolphins, frank, some difficulties. After all, this is a teacher who has been in a superb bowl competition under the leader of Braddy in the past 19 years.

If the team chooses to return Braddy, lend this to the old minister again for a year, the patriot is one of the most competitive teams. But can be such as 2020, 2021? 2022? What should I do after Braddy retired?

Some changes have to be done sooner or later, maybe Bilik will choose to make a decisive in this racing; no matter how, this spring, the patriot will not calm.