Patriot 38-24 wins the small horse Braddy completed his career milestone

At 8:00 on October 5, Beijing time, the New England Patriots team met the Indianapolis pony. Although the Patriot team was not very good this season, 2 wins and 2 losses, but the three-loss pipards were finally defeated with 38:24.


The Patriot Team 4 points Tom Brradi was 9 minutes and 19 seconds in the fourth quarter of the game, and the brigade has passed the external hand Yosh-Gordon who has just joined the Patriot Team. This is the 500th pass of his career, which also made him a quarter of the third 500 passenger balls in the regular season in NFL history. The first two are Pedon-Manning 539 and Brett Fervet 508.

Wonderful review

The Patriot team played a state in the first attack, and they took the first offensive time for 6 minutes. The quartz, Tom Brradi, who found his old teammates, especially the extensive experience of just returned Julian – Erman also played his role. At the first quarter, the Patriot team came to the front of the pony. Breddy short passed to the outside Karell Patterson, 7: 0. The pony team is not ideal in the first quarter, but only 1 minute left in the first quarter, I came to the red area of ??the patriot. And the 44-year-old old will play the ball Hand Adam – Venatiye has killed the free kick of the 38 yards.

The patriots in the second section are still in the first attack, and James – Wright takes a large number several times several times. 3 minutes after the start of the second section, they once again came to the front of the pony team. This time, Tom Bradi faces 1 yard’s distance, and when he is not allowed to fly the ball into the array, 14: 0. The piles finally hit once again in the next attack. This veteran Adam-Vanatiyeri stabilized 54 yards, helping the pixels got a score, 14: 3. The patriot team’s running guard James – Wright has played out today, and I received a pass of Tom-Braddy several times. In the first half of the first half, he received the short pass of Braddy to the short pass of Braddy, 21:3. The last thing the pony team waters San Dru-Ruck sent a copy of the copy, which made the Patriot team a free kick in the last 13 seconds, continued to expand score, 24: 3.

Originally in accordance with the episode of the last half, this should be the runner-up of the last season. The pony team is in the second half. Their special group took the lead in playing, attacking hands at Chester Rogers directly attacked to the 35 yard of the Patriots half. This time, Rak didn’t have a waste of the opportunity, short biography of the close-end Eric Eublen, I finally won the first Dali, 24:10 in the third quarter. Subsequently, the offensive groups of the two sides were confusing, and the pony team had a drop, and the Patriot team is the external hand Cleiss-Hogan and the proximal descendant. . Since the Patriot team sent a 2nd copy. This makes the pony have a chance to continue to be expanded. Andrew Rajun continued to connect close to Eric Eublen, and then came to the patriot team’s end zone at the fourth quarter. At this time, he passed the ball to another near-ended Eric – 24: 17.

After all, the Patriot team is still a patriot team, they have Tom Braddy. Breddy completed an achievement in the fourth quarter, he directly passed the external hand Yosh-Gordon who came to the Patriots team, 31: 17. This is also the 500th DV between his career, and has become a four-point guard that reaches this achievement after the Fa Faf and Big Manning. Then the pony is busy, and then send a copy again in half. This time, the rookie’s rhetoric running Snone Mitchell ran out the number of large numbers in the last time, completely completed the Davity, 38: 17. Although the piles were once again reached in the near-end Frick-Schpep in 1 minute before the final, this reachable gap has no effect, 38: 24.

Player data

The Patriot Team 445 Biom – 341 yards, 3 times, 2 times, 2 times. Run Wend Sony – Mitchell 18th running ball, 98 yards, 1 time reached. Run James – White 10 times, 77 yards, 1 time.

The pony quartz waters San Dru-Ruk 59 passed 38, 365 yards, 2 times, 1 time being copied. Running Naiheim – Hayns running ball, 45 yards, 1 time reached. Close-edge Eric Eublen, 109 yards, 2 to 2 reachaes.


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