Out of the football team

Germany – Germanic chariot, France – Gaul Slogi, England – Trigua Legion, Italy – Blue Leader, etc.news today

1, German is the title of the German nation.The character of the German (German) is strong and unyielding. Their will is very strong, known as steel-like will be called “German chariot”, just like tanks.

2, Gaul is the ancient futures of France.Gao Lu Xiong is a symbol on the national flag of the First Republic of France, which is a symbol of the revolutionary consciousness of the French people.Gaul is an ancient Western European place name.Gaul is actually the ancient priest of France, but Gaul is not actually the self-proclaimed Month, but the Roman Empire called France.

3, in the Middle Ages of British Sanyao, the lion is totem, and three lions will be printed on the Royal Weapons of the UK, aaj tak live news hindi samachar highlighting the majesty of royal power.There are three lions along the traditional, England team of England, so the England fans call their cetanil 10 mg in hindi team for the “Three Lion Legion”.