Or "man"! Rogers consecutive passes without breaking Brady steals record

This week the Green Bay Packers 34-20 victory over the Atlanta Falcons home game, Aaron – Rogers had a mind to pass Randall – Cobb’s pass completion of 24 yards touchdown was wonderful. In fact, the ball touchdowns in addition to outside, he still has greater significance for Rogers. With this pass, Rogers created a new historical record.

This is Rogers’ first 359 consecutive passes no steals, breaking the New England Patriots quarterback Tom – NFL record 358 consecutive passes without steals Brady since 2011 has been maintained.

Before Sunday’s game, Rodgers has completed 336 consecutive passes without steals, which means that as long as he can break the record of 23 re-transmission of Brady. However, this historic moment almost see him again, Rogers threw in the second game of the season one of his worst pass. 1 the side gear 27 yards line 10, pass directly thrown Rogers guard Dion Falcon line – Jones arms, like shown in FIG.

Fortunately, in the face right at your fingertips steals gift, just back from injury, Jones is clearly not ready, though he is Dion – not Julio Jones – Jones, so confusedly and steals missed. If Jones can manufacture ball conversion, then the number of consecutive passes Rogers would stay in the 352, with only a thin Brady’s record six times.

In this way, Bai Diang – Jones mercy, Rogers finally broke the league record, the third connection Randall – Ke Buda touchdown of a ball to make history. The game, Rogers 32 pass attempts 21 hits, came 196 yards 2 touchdowns no steals. Ever since the fourth week of 22-0 victory over the Buffalo Bills, Rogers has never steals too.

Post-match interview, Rogers admitted that the game does have a few passes very thrilling, he was not surprised that Jones fumbled: “This is normal, when you consecutive passes no steals, turnovers . will always find a home, “Rodgers said:” Obviously that was cold, still a little wet, the guy (Jones) Jones put the ball had missed several chances, the first time Jimmy (Graham). line ran a little, and he was quite near; another is to find Jamal (Williams) pass, then thank goodness he is still on the line, Jones might not notice the ball has come to his arms, and that time. his eyes were not on the ball. no way, when you want to create some great moments when you need some luck. “

At least try to pass quarterback in 1500, Rogers career touchdowns – steals ratio (4.22-1) ranked first in NFL history. Brady in 2010, fifth in 2011 and thoughtful first round of the regular season has created 358 passes no steals record, the record holder for seven years, until it was broken Rogers. But Rogers While it has a new record, but he no steals or does not really help the team. Brady was able to break the record in such a short time, Rogers is because a lot of shots this season. The increase in the number of shots is not a tough offensive reflect, in most cases is unable to support the road and struggling to recover points.

Rogers 2018 season came 23 touchdowns, only one steals, and perhaps see here you would think would be good to attack the Packers, but that is not the case, just one week ago they had just fired coach Mike – McCarthy, the current basic 5-7-1 record and missed the playoffs.

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