One historic worse + two items this season! The eyebrows are looking forward to explosing

On November 29, Beijing time, when the Lakers’ performances were very struggled
this season, the performance of the grand eyeber was significantly reduced by the performance of the championship, which was undoubtedly one of the important factors that the Lakers were struggling. According to the US media data website Stat Muse statistics, the three-point star of the top 20 games in the top of the eyebrows were 16.7% of the most historical history, while 38.3% of the GCB 33.1% stars were the worst in this season.

The Lakers have already completed 21 games this season, only 10 wins 11 losses in the western part, of which the brother is absent from the disease. At 20 games played in the eyebrows, he got 24.2 points 10.2 rebound 3.1 Assistant 2.25 caps, it is still good in the data.

History worst: three points star 16.7%

Just According to the statistics of the data website Stat Muse, the brother is 3.1 three points in the season, and the averaging is 0.3 three points, and the three points are only 16.7%. Angou brother became a player in the history of NBA, and the three-point players were more than 2 times, and the worst three points in the mid rate of history.

The worst this season: 38.3% of China Gaosheng

In addition, there are only 38.3% of the stars in the Empathetic Co.

The worst this season: 33.1% of the jumper

As for the jumper intermediate ratio of the brother’s jumper, the star is 33.1%, creating at least 150 players this season, and the worst jumping investigation star is recorded.

The Lakers are about to fight with the piston exhibition season, except James and Stewart topic triggered a hot discussion, whether the brother can play a force in the inner line, and the Lakers can compete for the key to winning the piston.