On the 25th, 8pm video live red socks VS sword cavalry ride, the main battle, the defending champion

Beijing Time September 25, 8:05, the https://www.maillotspascherfr.com Midsong District Boston Red Socks challenged the Temple of Texas, Mei Lianxi District, which is the first game of the two parties of the game in Arlington. Will live a live video on this game, welcome fans to watch:

[Battle Review]

The defending champion Boston Red Socks This season does not vitalize https://www.fanbutikk.com this season. When the regular season is about to end, only 81 wins and 75 losses, .519’s winning rate is the third place in the United States of America, and the head name, the enemy Baixun team New York The base team 20.5 games, not only defending the championship to become bubbles, and even the external card has no hope.

Although the Texas Tour Cavalry has already been insulated from the outer card, there are currently 75 wins and 81 negative records. The winning rate of .481 hit the third place in the United States, and there https://www.mlbboutique2.com is 27 games from the Holton Team Houston Space team from this area. . Tourism is also hoped to maintain more than 50% of the winning rate, and now it is more difficult to see this small goal.

Before this series, the red stockings have just been 1 win and 3 losses in the four series of battle in Tampawan’s ray team in this district, and the tour soldiers have just lost the series of war, 1 Win 2 negative.

[Game points]

Although the Texas Tour Cavalry is not ideal this season, it still attracts two million fans traffic, and still work hard on the way to rebuild, and strive to rush into the playoff next season, and Texa State’s enthusiasm for the baseball is long, and the support of the Earth is not attenuated.

The visitors have won the honor of 5 partitions and the Meetings of the United States and the United States https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com championship at home, and the team and defending champion Boston Red Sox will still let the enthusiasm for enthusiasm. And cheers.

This series of battles will be the beginning of the last six home competitions this season. The current goal of the ride soldier is not swept.

[First, Pitcher]

Red Socks First Pointer: Edward – Rodriguez (18-6, the self-sharing rate is 3.53, three vibrations 199 times, 70 times, each game is ortho)

Ranger team first pitcher: Enson Volquise