On Sunday night, the MLB https://www.mlbdrakterno.com American Rodge Grand Union will hold a regular season in the UK. Mei East Two Centennial World Revenge Boston Red Socks and New York Yangji, in London, in London, the fans dedicated to the most legendary death enemy of the sports world.Regarding MLB London, the new https://www.trikotskaufenn.comand old base fans must have questions and organize five fans who are most concerned about. London version of the stockmaste war, you want to know everything.When is MLB London?The Socks Wars in MLB London will be held in two games, will be held at 1:10 and 10:10 at 10:10 on June 30, Beijing. You will have an exclusive video live broadcast, welcome your fans to watch.Where will MLB London?Yangji Red Socks will be held at the home of the Premier League Western Hamadi – London Stadium. The site was originally built for the 2012 London Olympics, https://www.b2bshopp.com which has been used for football and track and field movements. This time, it is transformed into a baseball field, and the MLB has only created the most top-level experience for the audience.It is reported that this London Bowl Reconstruction has collected 1https://www.mlbtrikot4.com 10 workers from all over the world, and the 13,000 square meters of the stadium was also transported from France. In order to protect the audience to be hit by the attack, MLB puts the protection facilities of the entire course also reinforced, and a 12-meter grout network is surrounded by the wild audience area. Fans can not worry about being hit by a strike.Is this MLB for the first overseas race?No, I have held many times before!As early as 1996, the San Diego priest and New York will play three regular sessions in Monterey, Mexico. This is also an overseas race for the first time in the American Professional Baseball Union. Three years later, the priest was also a game in Monterey with Coloradoli.MLB has a unique clock in Japan, in 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2019 held in Japan. Boston socks in 2008 https://www.fanbutikk.com against the Auckland sportswell, and their death, the heads of the United States, was smashed with Tampa Bay in Tokyo in 2004.The random transformation is not the first time in the MLB Overseas competition. In the Australian Overseas Competition of the Los Angeles Dodge, the Los Angeles Dodge, the Australian Overseas Race, the venue is a Sydney Couple. At that time, MLB officially turned heavy gold to become a baseball field.The 2019 season is the peak of MLB overseas, and there are already six overseas competitions before the Red Socks and Yangji arrived in London. Auckland sports home and Seattle sailor started the first shot of MLB regular season in Japan, Suzuki left a back in Tokyo giant egg, it cited many fans.Then San Lusi Msmark, Cincinnati Red and Los Angeles Angels also have Houston Space people in https://www.b2bshopp.com Mexico.London this year this year?No, of course not!The Great League will hold the second British race in London next year. MLB continues the slogan of “Old Rivalry New Ground”. Bear and St. Louis Rockets at the London bowl.Every encounter every encounter every encounter, the two games will be held on June 13, 2020, and the two games will be held on June 13, 2020. How the three bases will be staged, and the British base is willing to look forward to it.What kind of players should you pay attention to the first time?As a MLB traditional giants, the big names of the New York Yangji and Boston Red Socks have not come.The leader of the red socks is the Metts MVP Muqi-Bates, and the height of only 1 meter 75 he attacked and defensive. His hand has been in the fans, and the British fans also have the https://www.trikotskaufenn.com opportunity to see the classic picture of the 3rd base from the sighful shoulders.More interesting is that there is a gossip medium that Macali and Muqi-Bates have blood relationships, and Markl is Bates’ long-range cousin.Another super superstar in the red sock array is specified to combat J.D-Martinens. Name the most comprehensive person in the 21st century, Martinens, who played a career in the 2018 season, and the whole season is madly bombarded by 130 points to win the Single Silver Bar Award. This season has two good results for 2% 87,17.Yangji Star also prepared for the London game, “New York Dafa” Alon Jaqi this week fire line, matching the strong caused by the transfer, the two people should join hands to dedicate for the British fan The home runs smoke fireproof show.The biggest regret of https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com Yangji This British line is no Jen Carlo Stanton. Jiaqi and Stanton are one of the best in history in MLB. Stanon is 1 meter 98, Jia Qi is 2 meters 01, they are in the field, and the opponent’s fail-out ball is hitting the home run.Although Stanon has been injured in the London, the British fans don’t have to worry about this week. The fight against red socks and Yangji will be spectacular.In the case of strong babies, the level of the first round value will determine the trend of the two mini series. The first game of red socks launched the race pitcher Rick Poselo pair the decree base pointing in the king of the kingdom, the second red hose will launch Zuo DD E-Rod Rodrigs. Fans are looking forward to seeing Cubante Express Chapman, which is expensive to go to the board rescue.