On September 23, Beijing time, MLB American Professional Baseball Grand League ushered in a national association of the country, and Dodge was welcomed at home and the last game of Rocky. One opening Hampton’s Yangchun can make Rocky ahead, the fifth game, Liu Xianzhen, and Berlin, the home run, the storm, the rectification, this later, Hirard and Sig and Smith have bold the team The home run, the final Dodge is 7 to 4 https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com to 4 to 4, and I got the first hundred win of the regular season.[Data Highlight]Rockey Hanpssen and Hiraride each dominated the sixth home running, first pitcher Senztera 4, lost 4 points, and the whole Rockki had a lot of 8 play 1. Dodge first sent a pitcher Liu Xianzhen 7 bureaus 8 times, three times lost 3 points completed high quality first, Liu Xianzhen stoveded the big alliance starting home hit, Belinjan hooked out of the 46th ethics of the individual season, also Beilinjie career 5 is full of guns, Signs slammed the 18th rampant.[Competition process]The first bureau’s top Galert-Hampton’s https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com Yangchun cannon let Rocky take the lead in leading the lead, the first game is chosen to ensure that the Turner knocked out the double kill ended the attacked offensive. On the second game, Liu Xianzhen has https://www.maillotspascherfr.com gone three three times. The second bureau will choose to ensure the formation of the Bouvenm in Smith, but unfortunately, Liu Xianzhen did not follow the inner wild rolling earth.The third bureau has not let any players to be able to build, the fourth game, Arleno, is knocking out of the back teammond, Destimond, but played the double kill, the fourth game, the fourth game, the continuity of Polygon Anat-to-attack is 1.2, but unfortunately teammates can’t send them back. The fifth bureau, Liu Xian, the mainstay, the home run, the home, the homopence, and then after the unmanned space is full, Belin Jie grouts makes the https://www.maillotsenligne.com lack to complete the anti-super.On the sixth game, Storene knocked out two bases, but teammates were still unable to form series, and the sixth bureau had no people to go. The seventh place Shang Sam https://www.fanbutikk.com Hirard’s two-point gun makes Rocky close to the score, the seventh place, the yang spring gun in Sig, makes the Dodge additional insurance points.The eighth bureau’s four-bad ball guaranteed and tentabed balls to make Rocky no one out of the game, but Hanpssen’s double kids, Arrecain was wasted to be awarded by the Sentunts. The eighth game under Will-Smith’s Yangchun cannon help the Dodge to lock the victory.The ninth bureau has changed the end of the Terminator Jensen, Tabia selected to the second base after the delivery, after this later, the second base of Hirad helped Luoki to recover for 1 minute, but https://www.b2bshopp.com finally Jensen took the victory of the Dodge.[First lineup]Rocky:First stick guerrilla Trevo Sto RiSecond stick Chinese and outer wild hand plus Laitte HamptonThird stick, Lord, Noland – ArenaThe fourth stick left outer wilder Ian DestmondThe fifth rod twoth base Raine McMartonSixth stick, Bish, FupitesSeventh stick right wilder Sam – Hilar Eighth stick Catcher Drew – BudraNinth, first-firing, Anthony, SenzteraDodge:First stick right wilder Jok – PetersonSecond Bar 2Sgain Calvin-LaxThird stick, 3rd base, Justine-TenFourth stick Chinese and foreign wilder Cody-BeilinjieFifth Bar Guardi – SigSixth rod left outer wilder AJ-PoolockThe seventh stick is a hit Matter – Betty Eighth Bar Catcher Will SmithThe ninth stick first firing Liu Xianzhen[Next https://www.fanartikelsportde.com prospect]After the Tuchi took a day, he will go to San Diego to ushered in the series. The first Rich-Hill will serve as the Dodge first, this season, his 4 wins and 1 loss of self-loss rate 2.68, knee injury He also has the opportunity to enter the playoffs list. The priest is to send rookie pitcher Ronald Polanos, and he has the opportunity to become one of the first rounds of the team next year.