Official! Cossins 2 million plugs, the fastest, we will welcome the first show, will be on the 15th jersey

For a few days ago, the famous reporter Shams reported that Cossins will reach an agreement with the Bucks. Subsequently, the famous reporter WOJ has followed this report.

The two old brothers are talking about, should be 99% accuracy. Sure enough, the Bucks declared this in a few days:

The team officially signed the center of the center!

According to the official website, the two parties reached a 1 year of 2 million contracts. Although the subsequent details did not say, the latest report of the salary expert Bobby Marks showed that Cossos and Bucks have been in this 1 year of $ 2 million in non-guaranteed contract, if another January 8, test Cussen did not be counted, his $ 2 million will transfer to a full guarantee. During this period, Coss is $ 58,000.

Good guys, dare to have a girl, a job, a job ~

However, this is also a way, who told him so fast? Since the big injuries in the dragonfly and the warrior, Cousins ??didn’t return to the peak state, even the level of the peak state.

According to the Bucks, Biden Holze revealed in the interview, Cousins ??who have been trained in the team will be in the game in the game of Charlotte Hornets tomorrow!

Last season in the Rockets and the passenger boat shortly, a total of 41 appearances, 8.9 points 6.4 rebound 1.9 assists.

We saw Cesins’ temper converge, facing Morris’s retaliation behavior, he also smiled slightly, it would be placed before, not to fight, it won’t give it.

Also seen that Cosin is working hard to adapt to the new role, for a floorball, willing to throw all the positive.

After the offset period, we couldn’t see Cousins ??commented on the social media, but all news about his news is he staged three points, dunk, single video in various competitions.

He is always in the state, and he is waiting for the team’s call, ready to return to NBA.

This time Cossone did not wear 0, but the 15th of the King period. I believe that 31-year-old Cossone has grown up, he should have mature it for his own basketball, blessing a cousin! Be sure to grasp this opportunity and win the dead https://www.nbatrikots4.comchampion!

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