Not old running Gore re-creates a record of the scorpion code superbali – Sanders list history third

November 25 (Wen / ESPN Marcel Louis-Jacques Compile / White) On November 23, the legendary runas is also nominated as the top 12 of NFL’s strongest runter. . Two days later, Sanders met Buffalo Biri Run Gore, Frank Gore, surpassing themselves in the professional career punching code. Today (November 25th) Bill’s game of Dain Buddha wild horse, Gore raised the number of careers to 15269 yards, surpassing Sanders’ NFL history third.

In the game against the Malaysia, Gore was surpassed in the fourth quarter. At the game, he took 15 yards to take 65 yards, maintained a good punch efficiency, and now the two mountains in front of him are the famous Hall running Walt-Pedton (Walter Payton, 16726 yards) and Amy Special – Smith (Emmitt Smith, 18355). As early as the fourth week of this season, the new England patriot game, and the NFL15, Gori, the Federation of the Federation of the Four-Boots over 15,000 yards.

Although Gore’s second season has been in the second season after Gore, he has never been the running guard of the oversight, and the entire career is only 300 times. In the first 14 testers, Gore Average tried 242 shots every season. In contrast, Jerome Bettis, the eighth player in this history, in his first 8 NFL season, 5 seasons, 5 seasons at least 300 Second, including the highest 375 in 1997. Betis’s body has problems in 2005, which is his 13th season and the last NFL season.

Look at an example Eddie George, the winner of the Haysmanship in 1995, he helped Tennessee Titan won the super bowl in 1999. There are 2733 shots in the 8 seasons of Titan. At least 300 shots, including the highest round of 403 murdles in 2000. The heavy workload allows George to retire after nine seasons, aged only 31 years old.

The special place in Gore is that he does not need to have average impact on the game, and its career has more than 4 yards per shocked, and the average 5 seasons are promoted. The number of codes exceeds 4.6 yards, including the highest 5.4 yards in 2006. In 2012, Gore leads the San Francisco 49 people to enter the super bowl. He is a second year of his punch code is 4.7 yards, which is also the second year of the professional bowl for three consecutive years.

In addition, Gore is also an underestimated pass target, and the career 652 times is aimed at 464 games to advance the 3866 yard to get 18 reachaes. His career was in the first 10 years in San Francisco. In the 2015 season, I came to the Indianapolis to play for three years. Last year, I went to Miami dolphin, and I was taken by the Bill team this year. This season, Gore is a “not old running guard” 122 shocks to advance 476 yards, one code 3.9 yards.

It is said that running guards are the shortest position of NFL career life, but Gore interprets the durability of running guards, and he has played 217 at 231 games in his career. At present, he is about 1500 yards from Pedon’s record, and the Smith is approximately 3000 yards. How long does he have to fight? No one knows, but we know is that with his persistence of his career, it is enough to give him a football name.