NFL September 30th Competition Summary: Patriot Hao Qi Sheng Roi Roof Cooling Pirate

September 30th, Beijing time on September 30th, the NFL 2019 season’s fourth week’s regular season, there were 13 games today, and the new England patriots suffered Bill to take four consecutive victories; Tampa Bay pirate mad cut 55 points, Falling in the Los Angeles ram; the rookie quarter satellite-Jones is surprising, the giant will win the red skin to win two consecutive wins; Green Bay packages and Dallas denims have lost the ball, and they are not defeated. So what is the battle of today? Let’s take a look!

New England Patriot 16-10 Buffalo

The patriot has achieved the victory of the score, but in the scene. The Patriot has achieved a 4-0 opening since 2015. This is Bill Billyck, and the patriot has achieved four consecutive winning booths since 20 years. Bill not only missed the first four-game winning game since 2008, but also quarterly Swan Allen’s brain shock and strength was questioned. Allen suffered four times in the game, and was copied three times, he was hit by Jonathan-Jones’s helmet in the first minute of the fourth quarter.

Breddy did not do too much work, raising his career to the Bill record to 31 wins and 3 losses. The whole game Braddy performance is poor, and too much injuries in the offensive front line make him always in pressure, 39 pass 18 promotion 150 The code hits less than 50%, and did not reach the first copy of the season. Passing offensive, the road attack is also difficult, 23 shots only got 74 yards, the total number of attacks in the whole team is only 224 yards, it is better than the passing of the opposite.

It is possible to win Bill in the away, the patriot is the defensive group and the special group, the most critical player is the corner JC Jackson, he will not only copy Jose, Allen, but also directly abandon the opponent directly in the special group Blocking, and then the team leader Matthew Matthew Msrt got the ball to the end of the ball. The last 1 minute and 27 seconds, and the defensive group stood up, and the line Wende Dai Vanoi cut from the right side to catch Matt-Bakley, the latter’s passwords were deformized by Jimmy-Collins, patriot The thrilling wins.

New York Giants 24-3 Washington Red Leather

Giants rookie quarter satellite Danier – Jones got the second victory of career, 33 pass 21, push 225 yards, throwing out 1 to two coputés, 5 shock push into 33 yards. Although Jones’ s performance is not perfect, he does make the giant’s attack more energetic. It is worth noting that the giant is running to Weakshakwan – Buckley did not appear because the injury did not appear, Wayne – Jiamang took 18 shocks to advance 63 yards and won 1 time.

Washington Red Pie has suffered the worst space since the five losses in 2001 (0-4). Five seasons have achieved 35 wins and 49 losses, only to entrunly, there is still no longer far away, such record also affects Jay-Grunette’s coach position. The first quartz of Swan-Kas-Kannan offensive is still from Yan Yushang, so Grunette is replaced in the middle of the second section to the new Xiu Delin-Haskins, but the 17th pass passed on the 17 times. 3 times.

The entire game was a total of 176 yards in the offensive end, and a total of 4 copies were sent, and the collapse was hit by the giant defensive group.

Carolina Black Leopard 16-10 Houston Texas

Substitute Caman – Newton’s quarter-Alance repeated mistakes is enough to let the black panther eat a defeated, but his teammates come forward, make up for the mistake of Allen, thrilling Dezhou people . Allen pushed 232 yards in the 34-pass 24 in today’s game, and did not have to be copied, but there were three times to send the ball. When the game left, the Black Panther team hits the score to 16-10.

The black leopard runs to Jury Krismi-Mmacre, which has become the most hot player of the Alliance. He held a 93 yard of the 93 yards today, and completed 10 batches to advance 86 yards, two data in two A ranking team first.

The Dezhou people finally have the opportunity to reverse, but Dethane Watson’s desperate biography was damaged by Safety Wei Ric-Reed. The biggest problem of the team is not using Allen’s mistake score, and it is worth mentioning that the worst offensive front line of this league is also a 6-time killing directly lost 32 yards, Water In Sen 33 Biography 21, the propulsion code is limited to 160 yards, no reverberation.

External handard Delle-Hopkins also completed a pass in the game, but this fraud attacked and ended. Stealing chicken does not erode rice, the black panther team uses Hopkins to send out the copy, and it is more than 1 minute in the first half.

Los Angeles Lightning 30-10 Miami Dolphin

It is indeed a no-suspected victory, and the lightning quartz Gheelip-Rivers 30 pushed 310 yards, got two reaches. This is the 120th victory of the Rivers’ career. It is also the first victory in Miami. Before that, the lightning has been returned to eight games in a row, and the last win is still victory in 1982.

Lightning When I am running, I am activated, but I didn’t play today. Run Guard Austen – Experu balls, double blossoms, 18 shocks to advance 60 yards 1 to 1 to 1, 5 times, changed back to 62 yards to get 1 to more. Because of the injury of Basi Basili, the lightning is hurt, the latter is hit today, 45 yards, 45 yards, and 51 yards three remembers are far away from any ball, with a score 3, and the performance is very eye-catching.

The dolphine team opened up a time, this is the first leading this season, but the leading advantage is only 3 minutes and 49 seconds. Dolphins can also compete with lightning in the first half, but the second half is completely suppressed, the proportion of the season is 0-81 in the second half. In the first four games, the total score of the Dolphin 26-163 encountered four losses, 137 points of division creating NFL’s most miserable conveyor record (four consecutive games).

Auckland raid 31-24 Indianapolis

The raid person quartz Drik-Carl finally retrieved himself, and he is now holding observation at the time, find an external connector that runs out, it seems that Joe Grunette has achieved his transformation. Carl led the team three times in today’s first four waves, and finally coupled with Safety Wei Rick-Harris’s 30 yards of Cascification to reach, helping the raid to win the game.

In Karl 31, advancement of 189 yards to pass 2 times, very good controlled mistakes. The most appreciated in the game, Grunette is the first wave of attack on the next half, and hit 16 files, it took 9 minutes and 12 seconds, and finally ended with a short distance. The raid slam line Wei Vents – Bakelet was deported in the second section, because he made a unnecessary helmet of Jack Diel against the helmet collision, the first big wicked name is not intriguing.

The piles have been injured, and the two extraches T. Y. Hilton and German – Feng Tsens are not appeared because the injury is not appeared, so the team’s upper halfness is a bit free. Enter the second half, especially in the fourth quarter, the pony team rises straight down, the quartz gardiabi – Brisette 46 passed in 24, 3 reached 1 time, the most data is in the first Four sections have been obtained.

Kansas City Chief 34-30 Detroit Lion

Because the rigorous defensive defensive defensive restrictions in Patrick-Mahms, this super quadrant can only use legs to make opportunities. Originally Mahomus has obtained at least two pass to more than 14 consecutive games, only a few games than Papenton-Manning’s NFL record. And now he is the first three consecutive game for three consecutive games in the history of NFL, but all the records are in the face of the lions.

No one thinks that the lion will cause such a big difficult to make the chief, and the 315 is promoted in the 42-pass 24. The team faced the four-stage attack in the last moment by Mahmus, and the end of the game was 23 seconds left, and Darrell Williams completed the 1D-Ball Deta-talent.

Anti-theiente, the four-point guards, the Stafford Exhibition, Shenwei, 31-pass 24th promoted 291 yards to complete 3 times, did not be copied, the team was also used in pavement, 186 code. Exterior hand Kenny Gora won two remedy, and 2 minutes and 26 seconds left in the game, the help situation has received 30-27 leadership. But the critical moment is better than the fight against the defense group, and the lion team is still slightly.

Cleveland Buran 40-25 Baltimore Crow

Baker – Mefield and Cleveland Blanc are not expected to look, and the enemy of the world is worthy of the enemy. Melfield has advanced 342 yards to harvest 1 time in the 30-year 20 in the game. Running Nik – Take the firepower, 20 shots, pushed 165 yards, one person got 3 times, including a very critical 88 code shock. External Through Jame Vis – Randri 8 buses pushed 167 yards, followed by the end of the brain.

Little Odel Beckham became a supporting role, only twice the 20 yards. In addition, he is in the game and his opponent’s horn, Hanfri, the old fist, the latter directly hits the neck to put the little shell on the ground, the reason why Beckham said after the game is that the earrings are knocked out in the game. NS.

The crow is four points to Malmar – Jackson usage today, but the data is still very considerable. The 247 yards were promoted in the 34-pass 24 to complete the 3 records of the ball, twice were copied, and 9 shots were pushed into 66 yards. Jackson’s pass found 10 different ballball players, with a few games in front of the game, a good show, Hollywood-Brown, who only got 22 yards today.

Tennesi Titan 24-10 Atlanta Falcon

The Titan team can win from the offensive front line, more accurately, because the coach uses the rapid pass tactics to avoid Marcus Mario Tag to be killed. In the past three games, Mario Tak suffered a 17-time killing, and the alliance was the four-point guard, he did not be killed again today. Titan’s rapid shot tactics have achieved very good results, Mario Tag 27 passed 18, and the 227 yards were promoted.

Xiujiao taken A.j. Brown completed 3 balls to advance 94 yards to cut 2 Dalun, another external hand-in-Davis also had 5 games 91 yards 1 to pay. Titan’s defensive group is also worthy of praise, they put the numbers but do not spare, and it is very good to limit the pavement attack of the falcon.

The Falcon is still a long talking problem – slow heat. In the first half, the Falcon was played 7-24 by Titan, but it was not hot in the second half, only 3 points. This season, the score in the first section of the Falcon is 10-38, and the first half is divided into 20-71. The quarter-saga-Ryan data is still more optimistic, and the 53-pass 35 promotes 397 yards. It is not to be copied, but it encounters 5 killing.

Philadelphia Eagle 34-27 Green Bay Packaging

The old Eagle offensive is not as good as the package, but they control the mistakes very well. Jordan – Howard can finally stand out to help the eagle to relieve the pressure, 15 shocks to advance 87 yards to get twice, replacement Evils – Sanders also has 11 shocks 72 yards. In addition, Howard has also completed 3 balls to advance 28 yards and 1 ball reachable. However, the eagle is not done very well, and the defensive group is air leakage, and the corner Vunte Mado and Sidney Jones are hurt.

Packagers’ game prove how much they need to take over Dante – Adams, Adams completed 10 balls today, and 180 yards creating new high. But in the fourth section, Adams’s toe was injured. The four-point Wei Alon-Rogers firepower, 53 passed 34 promoted 422 yards to get 2 Dalian 1 time was copied, and Dragon Brother also used the feet to rush 46 yards. But the final offense lacks Adams, and the packaging workers are obviously blocked, and the winning will come to an abrupt.

Tampa Bay Pirate 55-40 Los Angeles Ram

The pirate team played a team with the highest score since 44 years, and the quartz Wei Jie Miss Winston has not shorteded two consecutive games. Today, I am a guest, Los Angeles challenge the ram. Winston sent a 385 yard 4 to 1 copies of data, two of which founded the external hand Kris-Goodwin, the latter 12 times, push the 172 yard to create a new high Plus the number of the top of Michael Mike – Evans, the two proved have been unstable because Winston is unstable.

Endam hole – Su faces the old leader picked up the ball of Jarid Gary, and the clumsy hand has completed the 37 yards of attack. Although the pirate defensive group also released 40 points, they completed three times to Gaoff, if necessary, Gaofu pocket pressure.

On the other hand, today’s offensive front line has almost gave a lot of support. Take the ball once. It seems that Shawn McDan’s tactics have been taken through all the teams, and the top three games will win but a more difficult. Tod-Galley has been completely turned into a red area after the knee injury, and the two reached the accounts seem to be good. In fact, the game is only completed by 5 shocks to advance 16 yards.

Chicago Bear 16-6 Minnesota Viking

Under the leadership of the four-point guards, the bear team won a victory under the leadership of the four-point guard, the main four-point Wei Mi Cheer-Trobeski was hurt from the beginning. Daniel debuted 30 pass 22 in 22 to complete 1 to complete 1 Although the team uses a large number of road surfaces, the effect is odd, and the code is only 2.2 yards. Such a key to the same regional civil war, but also the defensive group, not only killing Cork, Cousins, but also let the opponent’s top plug in Adam – Belon only received 6 yards, this is Schlun Minimum data since 2016.

Viking is also a team with defensive known, and their only highlights in the game are anti-running, but at the same time, the team’s pavement offensive is as bad as the bear team. Quarter Koke – Coss is obviously unrealistic in the case of attacks, and 36 shots, 36 shots, 6, 6, 51 yards from being killed, appeared Two times, the four-point guards after the game were only 14.8 points.

Seattle Sea Eagle 27-10 Arizona

The Hawie Verde Forwarded the pre-champion defensive Dide Sweet Jardwin – Claieney looks very sensible, the latter has completed a copy of a copy in the game, and the 27-bit quilt is completed in the end area, this speed is completely 255 pounds. The quality of the strong man. The Hawks completed the two to build a leading advantage in the first half, one is the CCté’s copy of the CCté, once is Wilson precision 9 yards to find near-end Warville – Disil.

The Hawks makes the leader who use the mushroom to slow down the competition, which is the tactics they are used, and the Kris Carson 22 shock pushes 104 yards. After this running guards appear in the first three games, there was no mistake today.

The problem of the Red Picking team seems to have met, always playing in the first half, but it cannot be converted to score. Today, playing the ball Wann – Gonzalez misses the 43 yards and 48 yards. Kyle Murray’s performance is also half-giving, his pass is a certain precision, but it can be advanced, but that time the copy is really a very major mistake.

Jacksonville American Tiger 26-24 Denver Yam

The recovery of the second half is a winning game for the American tiger. The four-point Delta-Ming’s beard has become the legend of NFL. Today, in the second half, he led the Jaguji to achieve score, 33 pass 19 promoted 213 yards, out two Recreation, let Jacksonville fall again for this man. As for Brett, Burtas is already history, and injured Nick-Fols, who can you remember him?

In addition to the personal charm of the MINF, the two major key characters that the America tiger wins is to run the Gleonard-Winite and play the ball. Yosh Lambo. Firenet is definitely the hottest running guard in the Alliance, 29 shocks advanced 225 yards, and create a new high-tech year to become the second hundred yards of the team’s second squad. And Josh-Lambo four free kings all hits, including 33 yards in the last second stage.

The wild horse defensive group has finally reached the top three downs, Feng-Miller and Bradley-True have got the first sentence of the season, and the team killed five times. Quartz Wei Qiao-Vlaco also checked up 303 yards, throwing out 3 reached 1 time being copied. It seems that everything goes back to the right track, but they knocked down the magic of the Mingdu. The wild horse has been in the first time of 0-4 since 1999. If they divert back to last seasons, they have already eaten eight losses.

New Orleans Saint 12-10 Dallas Cowboy

In the case of Dru Bris, the Saint-Liankhai Eagle and the cowboy gain two consecutive victories, but this is not to say that the four points of Dai Tidi – Bridgewater has more excellent, the contrary, this Sunday night match Richwater’s drawbacks are exposed, they are hesitating and conservative, and there is no life in the long history, and it has lost 44 yards.

Can win, the defensive group is remembering, and their audience restricts the offense of cowboy, especially let the alliance the most waterful running guards Izyl – Elliott 18 shots to get 35 yards, one code 1.9 yards. At the last moment, the copy of the security Marcus-Williams is a set of fixed sounds. This time there is no miracle to play on his head.

Looking at the Cowboy, Dako-Prescot’s first three games of the game is no longer, running to Elliott also pays money. The audience was 11 times, the cowboy was only promoted by 257 yards, got up to the array, 11 three-speed conversion completed 4 times. In fact, the color of Cowboy’s three-game winning points is not enough. It can be said that the most bad team of the league is encountered, and today I encountered a real strong team, and it is now original.