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December 28th (Wen / ESPN MIKE Triplett Compilation / White) At the end of 2019, Antonio Brown was hot. Brown scraped a whirlwind this year, but it’s not a good thing.

This star has almost idle at home until the New Orleans Saints become a team that is willing to take over. On December 27, local time, Saint-News Sean Payton confirmed that Brown has now followed the Saints in New Orleans.

“We are doing his homework.” Pedon said that Brown is one of the six outer junctions that are followed by Saints.

“In the past few years, we have signed a lot of players, some succeeded, some unsuccessful. In the process, we have carefully examined any player, and every one of them is important to the team.”

Pedton also said that the team is investigating a detailed free player. Including the NFL, if Brown is signed, he is eligible to play in the playoffs.

“Antonio is very happy today, we will discuss the next signature discussion with Saints.” Brown broker Dru Roshaus said.

Saints Beaded by Michael Thomas, most of this week was limited by the hand injury.

However, according to sources, the Saint Saints did not matter to contact Brown with Thomas, Thomas expects to play the 15th week of the 15th week.

In addition to Brown, the remaining 5 front NFL outside NFL is also Tommy Lee – Lewis (Saint), Tran Durah (Saint), Morris – Harris (Hongki) , Tim-White (Crow) and the Canadian Football League of Leji – Bergton.

“It is obvious that because of the excellent performance of Brown career, he has received more attention. But we have a chance or less or less to understand all players, see how they are.” Pedon said.

The 31-year-old Brown is undergoing NFL’s personal code of conduct. Former prior to his former coach Britney Taylor filed a lawsuit against him, saying that she said many times. In addition, Brown is also accused of experiment with female artists who have a female artist who have worked in his house in 2017 and invisible text messages to her.

According to reports, Brown denied all the above allegations, and as part of the survey, he took up more than 8 hours of talks with NFL last month. At present, NFL has not yet concluded investigations, and I don’t know when it will conclusion.

Earlier this year, Auckland raids and Pittsburgh steel managers were browning, and after some columns, the raids cut him before the season. Following Brown Joining New England Patriots, only for the patriots play a game, because the threatened SMS is cut off again.

Earlier this season, Pelton once said that I was not interested in Brown, but he now denying the idea at the time.

“I may not have the most real idea before a few months. In fact, we have been paying attention to which players can use us, especially now we start to play for the playoffs. So today we tried many external hands We are doing this in other locations throughout the season. “

Pedon said that he would not consider carrying the main players to take a round of the Barolina’s black panther in the last week, but he wants to update his big list, do the most complete preparation for the playoffs.

Now 12 wins and 3-linked Saints are expected to be a three seed seed, but if they win the ball on the 17th week, while Green Bay packaging is derived to the Detroit Lion, San Francisco lost to Seattle Hawks, Saint It may become a number one seed.

In the past two seasons, the reserves of the saints have been weak. Although Thomas has just set a record of 145 NFL single seasons, in addition to him, no one in the team exceeds 29 times.

At this time last year, the saints also tried to sign Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall, with the result of Bryant Lima injured, Marshall was also cut off.

Saints have won the National Linan District championship for three consecutive years, but because of a variety of accident reasons, they have passed over the super bowl over the past two years. Pedton said that the Saint Saints have formed a good dressing room culture, so he believes that even if such problems like Brown can adapt.

Everyone is guessing in the future, where will Brown go, in this case, the saints can’t sit.

Saints grabbed Brown, now NFL must make a decision to put Brown in the list of exemptions, otherwise, according to the normal procedure, the Brown, which is a free player, has a condition for participating in the playoffs.

Of course, Brown is now only team training. Before the final punishment of the league, the Saint Club will stay Brown first with “three not signed, not responsible”.