Nfl investigation is not smooth Antonio Brown this season’s big probability is already cool

November 11 (text / eSPN Adam Schefter Compile / White) The future of Antonio Brown will seem unconventional. According to sources, the Brown will not have a play opportunity in Brown this season unless the situation occurs.

Antonio - Brown appeared in the hot game

Antonio – Brown appeared in the hot game

On Thursday, Brown plans to meet with the alliance to solve the sexual assisted violations of him now. There is no doubt that Brown hopes to solve the problem as soon as possible, so that the door to return to the league, but the future is difficult, and there is no obstacle waiting for this free player. According to sources, if Brown can obtain any team recognized from the three teams he touched, if the offer is quoted, NFL will not hesitate to include him in the exemption list.

If Brown has entered the list of exemptions, checking his team must pay the salary while waiting for the end of the Alliance’s survey, which is likely to happen before the season. In addition, according to the sources, Brown did not exchange all the evidence that he issued by the alliance, so the investigation is slow, and the whole case is still full of uncertainty. Brown broker Dru Roshaus said: “I believe that Antonio – Brown will play the ball this season.”

“I believe that the alliance will understand that he is innocent after touching Brown this week, thus lifting alert to him, I hope that he can be signed by a new team soon.” Rosenhaus said. Some teams in the league believe that after NFL has completed the survey, there are more discipline penalties waiting for Brown, which will further affect his chance of playing this season. This potential discipline penalty is because there is no specific date, and it is even possible to affect Brown next season.

Brown, who left NFL, played a lottery in a personal social media

Brown, who left NFL, played a lottery in a personal social media

Antonio – Brown left the football industry has been close for two months, although some people guess he may return NFL in 2019, but this NFL famous network red a few days of social media reaffirmed that he never wants to play in NFL. But soon, after he spurting NFL, several dynamics said that he was just a moment of impulsive, and reiterated that he wishes to return to NFL play.

31-year-old Brown is undergoing NFL’s personal code of conduct, and Brown has been in hot in the water. In this lawsuit, Brown was accused of June 2017 to May 2018, in three different occasions to his female coach Britney – Taylor conducted sexual infringement. Brown’s legal team refused to admit that two people had sexual relationship, he and lawyers biting, all between Brown and Taylor were what I would like to love. In addition, Brown is also accused of a female artist sexual harassment in his family in 2017.

Brown this season only played a game, that is, the second week of Mai Mei Dolphin. He signed a big contract with Auckland raid at the rest period, but after a series of farce, the raid was signed by the new England Patriots. After you know Brown, the Patriot also cut off Brown before the third week of the game.

Brown, unemployed, did not have anything at home. In addition to dealing with the lawsuits of their own harassment, he also aligned NFL and his two front. According to sources, Brown has already raised eight complaints for raidists and patriots, requiring two teams to repay 39.75 million US dollars, bonuses and guarantees.