Nets win too lucky! Referee report revealed truth, Durant, Harden got a great deal

Beijing on December 2, the Nets and Knicks Although came to a close, but the race still feel worried.

Finally Nets team with 2 points advantage to win the game, but the Nets and Knicks referee report also released the final two minutes, the referee saw the report you may feel the Nets really got a great deal, after all, the Nets and the Knicks points difference only 2 points in the final.

Last two minutes of the game there was a total of 2 Missing, where the Nets are the prevailing party, which once Missing even change the outcome of the game. James – before Johnson completed lore, in fact, Aldridge has been 3-second violation of.

Wherein the two error penalty are as follows: a first error penalty occurred in the game from the left distal end of 1 minute 49 seconds, knicks case of star Randall back singles Harden, and finally complete turn around jumper Randall in fact in the process Harden hit Randall’s arm, it was a foul, but the referee did not whistled, the Knicks lost the opportunity of two free throws, the Nets thus profit.

The second penalty is more critical error occurred at the distal end from 2.7 seconds left in the
game when, at this time, James – Johnson foul ball break caused by the Knicks, and the free throw line. In fact, before that, Aldridge has been in three seconds area to stay more than three seconds, three seconds belong to a violation, but the referee has not whistled.

In fact, the penalty is very critical, if the penalty is correct, then the victory of the party is likely that the Knicks, which is part of the Nets a profit once the Missing. Here you have to say, the Nets won the game really too lucky, and Durant, Harden also got a great deal, and if these two penalty all right, then the Nets might be the losing party.

Especially the last three-second violation, the penalty is directly changed the outcome of the race, at the same time feel lucky for the Nets, but also feel sorry for the Knicks. But the game is also a part of the game the referee, the penalty can only hope a little less wrong.

Do you think this has changed twice Missing the final results?

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