NBA’s greatest dunk king – Wenskart, Carter’s career review

When Carter had just entered the league, one of the most talented basketball players in history. When he retired in 2020, the whole has been played for 22 seasons, and 4 seasons are full of games. With excellent ability, there is a “half-half” name, and he is still an NBA3 division, and Carter’s three-pointer is ranked sixth in the alliance. 2020 Carda officially retired, although it is temporarily left, but whenever it comes to the dunk king, people still remember his name – “Vince Carter”.

Wens Carter’s career: NBA Honors and Awards: 8 times selected all-star (2000-2007), the best lineup, two arrays (2001), the best lineup (2000), the best new show (1999), Best New Show First Bymother (1999), Poem Competition Champion (2000), Sports Spirit Award (2020), Year Best Team (2016)

Toronto Raptors 1998-2004

In 1998, he was selected by the Warriors in the Since 1998, but then it was quickly traded to the Raptors. Due to the stop, until Cartite in 1999, the first game, in the first three years of the Raptors, the team Falling into a dilemma. Carter leads the team to enter the playoffs for the first time in 2000. Carter was in the rookie season, won his best rookie, and became a full star in the next season, he participated in the dunk contest, which is still the most memorable competition in history. His series of dunk includes a 360-degree windmill, a bouncing basket between two legs, and a “elbow in the basket” dunk (biscuit can). Carter easily won the game.

In his third season, the Carter has a maximum of 27.6 points in his career and is selected as a NBA’s best lineup. He was selected as a starting player of all-star game and helped the team won the team
record 47 wins. The Raptors entered the second round, but was rebounded by the MVP Allen Alenton and the 76 people. Carter and Ephsen ruled a series of competitions, and Carter got 50 points in the third game and created a record of three-point ball rate in the NBA playoffs. After the end of the season, Carter signed a six-year renewal contract.

In the second year, Carter joined Charles Buckley, became only two of the two games, 15 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 steal players from 1973 to 1974. Carter was absent from the top 22 games this season, and this theme has been accompanied by his old age in Toronto. In 2002-2003, Carter has played 43 games, and she had to let the starting position of the All-Star game to Michael Jordan. 2003-2004 Carter has played 73 games, but the team failed to enter the playoffs.

New Jersey Net Network 2004-2009

In the 2004 break, General Manager Glengrand Wald and the entire coach group were fired. Carter is frustrated by senior management, and hopes that Julius Owen is appointed as the general manager. However, Owen has never been considered, the team hired Robert Babakk, he wanted to rebuild the Raptors rather than becoming a direct competitor. Therefore, Carter wants to trade.

Babakk was originally refused to make a transaction request, but finally made a concession after December 17, 2004, when he traded to the Nets, in exchange for Angu Mo Ning, Aaron Williams, Egypt Rick Williams and two first round of draft. In the first game he returned to Toronto, Carter was strongly buzzing and laughing. Some fans burned his jersey.

Carter played his highest data in the Nets, and the field was 23.6 points during his tenure. From 2005 to 2007, Carter is healthy, only 11 games, leading the team to enter the playoffs in three consecutive games. Carter and Jason Kidd and Richard Jeffers were proved to be a powerful three giant.

In 2005-2006, the Net Network won the championship in the Atlantic Fellow, helping the Net to play the second round of the playoffs. Despite the lost Champion Heat, Carter can get 29.6 points, 7.0 rebounds and 5.3 assists in the middle of the 11-play game. In the second year, Carter and Kid became a friend in 1989, after Maxi Jordan and Scoti Piph, the first teammates won three pairs of teammates in the same game in 18 years. Carter got 45 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists, and Kidd was 10 minutes 16 rebound 18 assists.

In the offset period, Carter and the Nets signed a four-year contract. The following year, Kidd was traded to the calf. Carter became the captain of the Nets, and he and German Harris finally became the highest race player with the highest score in the 2008-2009 season.

Orlando Magic 2009-2010

In the 2009 break, Carter and Len Anderson were traded together to the magic team, in exchange for Laffer Alstom, Tony Bati and Cateni Li. Orlando believes that Carter will help all-star center Dewood Haven from the creation opportunity. The magic team emerged in the NBA Finals.

Carter’s best game is a pair of Humblebee, he got 48 points, including 34 points in the second half, recovered from the backward 17 minutes. Carter helped the Magic team entered the Eastern final before the Magic team lost to the Celtic team in six games. This will be the first attendance finals at Carter.

Phoenix Sun Team 2010-2011

On December 18, 2010, Carter was acquired by the Sun Team in six people traded with the magic team. In this season, Carter’s career scored 20,000 points and became the first 37 NBA player in his career.

After the end of the season, the Sun team ended the game at 40-42. Carter was cut off by three Suners, which means that the team only pays $ 4 million in $ 18 million in salary. Just a few days later, he would find his new team.

Dallas Cells 2011-2014

After being cut off only three days, Carter signed a three-year contract with the defending champion calf team. This move made him reunited with Jason Kidd. In his first season, Carter became a 1500-three-poke player in the eighth place in NBA history. Over time, he developed in the Mavericks, is his outside shot, not he gets a patented dunk.

Carter creates a lot of professional new high during the calf team. This includes surpass Larry Bird on a lecture in career. He has made 162 three-year-old ball in a season, and he has packed him in Toronto’s career. He ranked 27th in the historical scorer of the 2012-2013 season. Entered the 2013-2014 season, Carter established himself as the sixth person of the team after Jason Terry.

In the previous 22 games, he received 10.5 points, and the shot hit rate was 37.6%. He has more responsibility for the departure of Terry, but his data is steadily improved during this year. At the end of the year, the Mavericks entered the playoffs, but as the Mavericks were rebounded by the first seed spurs in the seven games, his playback dilemma continued.

Memphis Grizzlies 2014-2017

In the 2014 holiday, Carter was signed a multi-year contract with the Grizzlies. In the game of defeating the Kings from 111-110, Carter made Katney Lee when I was in the sepset, which indicated that he still “owned it.” Carter’s highest score is 18 points, but the best time appears when he returns to Toronto.

After nearly ten years later, Carter participated in the 20th anniversary of the team. The team played a pavilutant video to Carter. The sold out is watching the video and makes the cart. When Carter wiped tears with his warm-up, he was considered emotional.

At the 2015-2016 season, Carter won the year’s best team friend prize, which is considered to be a selfless best teammate inside and outside the court. At this time, Carter has accepted the role as a tutor and an example. Despite this, Carter is still joining the game in a way. He will enter the top 25 games of NBA, as well as pass players like Giron Penon, Charles Oakley and Kidd in different categories.

In his last year, Krat became the player of the oldest 40-year-old NBA game since Zhu Wanhof, 2013. At 40, 46 days old, he also became the top ten-long player who played six three-pointers in a game.

Sacramento Kings 2017-2018

In the offset period, Carter signed a one-year contract with the Kings. In August, he was named the most influential old will be rated by the NBA Player Association. Carter was absent 7 games, but finally returned and took the highest 24 points. This is 40-year-old substitute players for the first single farmer score of at least 20 points. His 12 shots are also the second high of his career.

On January 28, 2018, Carter and Golden Billy gave 21 points and 15 points respectively. This is the first time with two players at least 40 years of age or older get at least 15 points. Carter finally surrendered Patricole in the historical score, and was rated as NBA’s backbone award and the most respected winner.

Atlanta Eagle 2018-2020

When the eagle was rebuilt, Carter left a team as an influence. Carter became a player who participated in the second elderly attended competition in NBA in the age of 464. Only Robert Parish (42 years old) is the first year of the opening night. In the late season, Carter reached its 25,000 points in his career.

On March 1, 2019, in the overtime game of 168-161, he created the most play time for the Eagle. 42 years old, he became the tensile player, at least 45 minutes per game.

In his last season, Carter said he planned to retire after the season. This season, Carter became a 5th place in the 5th place in the history of NBA. He eventually exceeded Alex England on the score, and more than Demnovitzki in the game game. On March 11, 2020, to the Dragonse team, Carter was back to the field in the last few seconds, and a three-pointer. It turns out that due to Covid-19 popular, NBA has suspended the remaining competition this season. This is his last shot.