NBA Color: Thunder Revenge Rocket Bucks Basheng Bumblebeal Clippers to take the king

Rocket VS Thunder

Thunder is hitting the rocket to complete the revenge

American Professional Basketball Alliance Rockets VS Thunder (-3.5)

This is the two downstream teams in the western part, recently, the second consecutive consecutive, and the two sides of the game 102-89 defeated the Thunder. Although the Rocket is still in the western bottom, they have recently become 3 consecutive victories. On the game, Woodde will get a large two pairs of 24 minutes, 21 rebounds, and smallports get 11 points and 10 rebounds 11 assists with the help of teammates. Although the latest news of the league is canceled in the final rebound. But it is still very good to feel that the relationship between the young people in this rocket is still very nice.

The Thunder has suffered 6 losers in the near future, although the opponents before, but the rockets in the bottom of the scene have not stopped the battle. The team first lineup is sluggish at the offensive, except that Alexander gets 22 points, and the other four people add only 15 points. The replacement of Mann and Robei is good, and the two get 17 points.

This game, the SMG index opened the Thunder to let 3.5 points. Both young teams are in the reconstruction level, and the strength is much better, and the game rocket is at home defeating Thunder. This Thunder returns to his home, affirmative I hope that I can win a victory in the other party, I hope that the Thunder is won, and it is recommended to make the division.

Dioxia VS 鹈鹕

Salexy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

American Professional Basketball League Director VS Pelican (+3.5)

Supilibia has recently encountered 2 losers, they have continuously in the eastern Wizards and Knights. This season is more obvious about Dong Chic’s dependence. In the case of Dong Chic’s lack, the team encountered a three-game defeat, and the game team played against the knight was not bad, but the East Chuanqi took a rest after the offensive end The blind triple is thus being leaded by the knight. Bordeis Jisi recently got 13 points and 9 points, respectively. Salers also need to find how to organize attacks in the case of East Chickens.

The recent performance is still good, and nearly 4 games have achieved 3 victories, they are also a team of strong talents, jazz and hulls. The game of Varanas is worth the game, and it is madly cut 39 points and 15 rebounds. The three-pointers of the three-pointers are 7 in the first half of the three-pointers. Ingram played stabilization to get 27 points 7 rebounds 4 assists, but the team only scored a double, the score point is still not rich enough.

This game SMG index opened the team’s exclusive man to let 3.5 points, the goblio played the rapids to get the fast ship’s internal line, so that Varancunas completed the outbreak, this is facing the long arm long Bolkiji Some is hard to play so comfortable, in addition to Inderaham and Varanas, other points of self-reliance, it is recommended to win, and recommend to win.

Hornet VS Bulk

Bucks are warm and guarded and defensive, the buck is difficult to resist the opponent.

American Professional Basketball League Hornets VS Bulk (-8.5)

Recommended: Let the division win

On December 2, 2021, Beijing time, the Bucks took the horn.


Wasp: Martin (sick), Pramley (right calf).

Bucks: Ogilele (Thigh), Lopez (Back), Dwenzo (ankle).

One degree 9 games won the 8th pussy bungam but also on the union of the rocket, the wallest defensive and the rocket self-explosion, the confrontation of the opponent 23, three points, no power, then face the bull It is also a 14-point defeat. This defensive problem in this wave is very serious, and the common point is the problem that the opponent rotation and connection, the Rockets as one of the least alliance’s number of assists, sending 36 Assisted, the Bull also sent a 35nd assisted attack, it can be seen that the 低 低 轮 位 位 防 防

Bucks have a short-term state of remarkably picking up and achieve a wave of 7 consecutive victories. If the five games in the early stage have no strong factors, then the two 11-point winner of the winner and the 18th winners will explain them. The recovery of the state, and this wave of losses in their fields were 101.9 points, and the average bombings were bombed 113.9 points, and the net wins reached 12 points to see their strength.

This game is a lot of 8.5 points, the lass is very good. It is very normal. The road record is very normal. The Strika has achieved the 7-winning victory to find the defending champion, and the Buck is very strong, they have recently 5 The home will win and the average is 15 points. At the same time, the last 10 hostess of the Bucks played 9 small points. This shows that they regardless of how to defensive end of the status is still very strong, Based on the near-state of the Horizontal. In contrast, the author believes that the Buck ushered in a big wins. It is recommended to make a division.

King VS Clippers

The ship is registered to take the king

American Professional Basketball League King VS Clippers (-6.5)

The king recently encountered 2 losers, at the eleventh of the west, and the gap between the top ten of the pioneers is not small. I faced the outside of the Lakers team today, and the whole team was only 6 in three minutes. The main score of the team is only 5 points, the best is the best of the inner line Holmes, and contributes 27 points and 9 rebounds. Barnes’s injury is relatively large about the impact of the team offensive.

The recent state of the clove is also unsatisfactory. In the event of the Warriors, the game is also lost to the dragonfly, and the game of 鹈鹕 is mainly the first quarter to explode by Varanches, and the main line is still a fast ship. The weakest link, Zembatz is still insufficient regardless of the attack and defense. Instead, Ibaca has a good performance of 13 minutes and 6 rebounds. George’s full contribution of 27 points is still the main point of the team. This is a good opportunity to end the losing of the king.

This game SMG index opened the main team’s fast ship to let 6.5 points, the current king is even more bad than the fast condition, this season’s good Barnes is also in the injury lack, although Holmes played the gameplay, but not A high line of score ability, optimistic about the fast ship, winning the victory in this game, recommended to make a division.

Eagle VS pedestrian

Difficult to defend the walker home, no eagle

American Professional Basketball League Eagle VS Pedestrian (-1.5)

Recommended: Let the victory

The eagle played to Knicks, the current position of the east, the team’s performance is unstable this season, although the team has six people to achieve two digits, but Bog Danovich Radish and Hunter have different degrees of injury, which undoubtedly has a small impact on the eagle. As the season is in-depth, the performance is more excellent, his score + assists 攻 高 居 联The top of the top, the power is power and the Curi and others.

The pedestrians have recently encountered two joints. The ranking has fallen to the 13th of the east. In the game, I am defeated the forest wolf, although Sassonis got three pairs of data, Brogen also got 25 points 6 rebound 5 assists However, due to Turner’s shortcomings, the team’s defense in the inner line is bad, let Dysz burst the highest 32 points in the audience, J-Holleri also demonstrates at least 10 days due to trigger health security agreements.

SMG allows the master team to make 1.5 points, considering that the current state of the two teams is not stable, but Turner’s shortcomings will make the inner defense of the pedestrians be weak, and Capera and Collin are bound to occupy. Advantages, Tre-Yang’s performance is also more excellent, the author believes that the eagle will win the victory of this game in the farm, and it is recommended to make a victory.

Nuggets VS Magic

Strength Rolling Nuggets Getting Magic

American Professional Basketball League Nuggets VS Magic (+8.5)

Recommended: Let the victory

The Nuggets played the game of Lectra Heat, ending his six-losing streak in the ninth position of the West, but the big Morris in the protagonist in this eye-catching game did not play, Butler also watches, about Kiqi cut 24 minutes and 15 rebound 7 assists in Miami, the season has reached 80%, but in the case of Murray, the smallport will also be long-term war, this Affect the strength of the Nuggets.

Magic has recently encountered seven-winning streak, continuing in the eastern bottom, season, the team’s performance is very bad, and the averaging can only contribute 99.6, the union countdown, third, the field average positive and negative value -10.9 is the union bottom, Although the team walked back to the team to score Wang Antanyi-Cole, the new show Sagas has encountered a thumb fracture, although it is not necessary to reassess the surgery, the magic wants to change. It is not easy.

SMG allows the team to make a visiting team to let 8.5 points, considering the most recent poor performance of the magic, Sags is unable to play, while the Nuggets have just ended the streak, and the state of the star is very good. The author believes that the Nuggets can easily win the victory of this game, and recommend the victory.

Wolf VS Wizard

Defend the home Wizards main stage force Krinkling Wolf

American Professional Basketball League Forest Wolf VS Wizards (-3.5)

Recommended: Let the division win

The forest wolf has recently been good. After two games, they have come to the seventh place in the western part. In addition to T4 and Edwards, Russell has recently been hot, and in the game, he won the 76-person competition, he got The highest 35 out of the team plus 8 rebounds, and the game has got 21 points and 8 rebounds and 11 assists. If he can keep this state, the forest wolf enters the playoffs will be large.

The Wizards played a big proportion to the Spurs. At present, the fourth place in the east is very good, and the four new aids introduced by the season are very good, becoming the team in addition to the second to fifth scores of the bidding of the star. Hand, Harrell re-found firepower in the inner line, once in the season, before the MVP list, Kuzma has repeatedly served in critical moments. If this is maintained, they will become the blenders of the eastern part.

SMG allows the main team to make 3.5 points. Considering the current state of the two teams is not bad, but Beverly’s shortcomings will affect the external defense of the forest wolf, Russell and Edwards can limit Wizards’ external firepower is worthy of doubts, and the performance of the two is not stable. The author believes that the wizhong will win the victory of this game at home, and recommend to make a division.

76 people vs Celtics

76 people are not good, and the expedition operations, the green army takes the enemy to retreat

American Professional Basketball League 76 people vs Celtics (-2.5)

Recommended: Let the division win

On December 2, 2021, Beijing time, Celtics held 76 people at home.


Celtics: Rowe (sick), Brown (not disclosed).

76 people: Lille (knee), Simmons (personal reason).

After 21 days after the new crown is absent from the new crown, Return to the first game of the forest wolf and cut down the 42 + 14 fry data, but the team eventually lost the forest wolf lost the game, but then in the game of Magic In the middle of the victory, the recent decline, Enged and Harris returned, 76 people did not break out like imagination, even if they defeated the magic, they were only difficult to win, and they have to take a wave in December. 4 Last passengers start, the opponent’s strength is not weak to them.

The Celtics ended the two-game loser after defeating the Raptors. The Celtics was quite bad in the season. In this game defeated the Raptors, Tamum was only 8 in the 16th. It is not in the state, and he is not as good as the leader in U. 度. It is difficult to completely find the state.

This game, the game, the Celtic home, which is 2.5 points, and the two teams are recently trapped or other factors. It is very general, and the two teams in the current paper lineup are also unhappy. However, the recent 76 people are still very big, and the problem is still very large, and the green army is higher than that of the home fault tolerance. It is recommended to make a division.

Knight VS Heat

The exquisite knight is difficult to maintain, and the heat is urgently needed to rebound.

American Professional Basketball League Knight VS Heat (-8.5)

Recommended: Let the division win

On December 2, 2021, Beijing time, the Heat was hitting the knight at home.


Heat: Adebord (right thumb), Hiro (body discomfort / doubt), Butler (tail bone), Garrett (right wrist tendonitis), Morris (neck), Orado (knee) .

Knight: Osman (back), Wade (calf), Saixist (knee).

The rider after defeating the solitary man was gains two consecutive victories, and also saved the team’s 5-game land, from this wave of losing to the winning victory, you can see the importance of this rookie Mobley for the cornger, the first battle to return to the magic After 33 minutes, then 35 points in the array, as a rookie and wounded players, the knight relied on the role of Nomarry in the attack and defensive, in recent years, in recent years, it is the failure draft case headed by Bentet. The knight seems to find a true life.

Jikichi & Maxich’s field topic became a juncture of Nuggets and Heat again, but this game seems to be a navigator to win, and the audio is about two brothers. Infrared, the hot firemangf and Badler did not appear because of injury, the team eventually regretted the ball, of course, this form is just a topic, but the recent state of the hot fire is really unstable, plus the core player small injury Continuously, the troubles encountered in the hot fire can be a lot.

This game is a lot of 8.5 points in the main scene of the game, with a state of 2 wins and 3 wins in the hot fire in the near future, and the knight just pasted the perceived man’s performance, such a tray is obviously a large But the author believes that the single perspective is good to be hot, the knight will inevitably become a large heat. Several players in the lineup have been hurt, but the strength is not weak, the author is more optimistic about the smoothness of the hot fire. It is recommended to make a division.

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