MLB4 daily view Frequency broadcast too late VS winemaker two tigers

Beijing time on September 4, 7:40, the Milwaukee Silver Strong Team in the Melon West District, the Milwo Sacred Strong Team, which is the 2nd game of the competition, the first game space team 3- 2 wins. Will live live on this game, welcome fans to watch.

[Battle Review]

The Milwaukee Sprong team was in the World Competition last season, but in the National Union Championship, it was defeated to the Los Angeles Dodge. This season’s wine troops Johnshan, but the two strong brigade of the country in the country did not let, the winemaker was weak after the sect of the session, and the head name of the St. Lusi Ms, the backward partition, second 4 games in the Kitcorno Cabin Team. The wineman is more than 50% of the winning rate, but the fragmentation is -39. The alliance only has the Philadelphia team as a winning ratio of more than 50% but the slogan is a negative (-14) team.

The Houston Space Card is the World Competition of the 2017 season. In recent years, the Unstrettable gesture has been collected from the New York Yangji team 90 wins this season. The ace of the space team first happened Justin Virund Just in the blue bird’s court, it was a third timeless playing competition, and became the sixth place in the history of the league. It is also the first in the history of the same guest. Two pithers in the two games.

[Game points]

The winemaker team just in the same district competition 2 wins and 1 winning battle, the first game of the series, although the strong enemy Houston Spaceman 2-3 was defeated in the 10th Bureau, but the spaceman also won Not easy.

The two tigers meet, whoever defeats or unknown.

[First, Pitcher]

Houston Space Strong Pitcher: Zach Glangi (14-4, self-blade ratio 2.99, three vibration 158 times, 29 times, each game is orthy with 1.01)

The Houston Space team first pitcher Galanki is not strange to the Miller Stadium. 16 wins and 4 losses, self-sharing rates 3.32, however, he is only 1 win and 4 negative in the case of the battle of the Warring Corps (8 times). This season Glanki has sent 4 wins and 0 loss after being traded by the Arizona Radi Snake Team, and only a winning 5.2 games of the battle of the war 5.2 games. As the highest-ended first firing of alliances, his largest comparison coordinates in the space team is Willland and Cole.

The Milwaukee Wine Fortress first pitcher: Jordan Leers (9-8, self-blade rate 4.55, three vibration 122 times, 47 times, each game is orthy with 1.36)

The winemaker team first pitched Llesbon is a rookie signed in the first round of the first round of the Houston Spaceman in 2008. In 2011, the first show, the 2013 holiday period was traded to the Colorado Squad. This will be the first time of the Lles career.