MLB30 days 30 team: last season injury full of San Francisco giants returning

MLB enters the spring training, the 2019 season has arrows on the string, to help new and old fans to familiarize with the status quo of all teams as soon as possible, and launch 30 days 30 team special for reference. What is introduced today is San Francisco giant.

Team: San Francisco Giant Man

Partition: Guonong District

World Contest Champion: 8 times

Previous season record: 73-89

Team Attack Index: 0.667 (League 29)

Team Score Rate: 3.95 (League 13)

Director: Bruce – Boqi


Since the end of the 10-14 five-year Triple Crown Dynasty, in addition to the 16-year entered the playoffs, the rest of the year did not enter the playoffs, and 17 years is the fifth season in the partition. In front of the 18th season, the team welcomed Evan-Langria and Andrew-McCachen from Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh, respectively.

However, due to Bonamana, the ball was hit by the ball, and the shadow was blocked in the 18 season. At the beginning of the season, two games in the Nagi-war Los Angeles Dodge have broken the deadlock in the nine games. Finally, winning the victory; plus the wonderful performance of the Johnny-Kui Touri season, 32 games in April, the self-sharing rate is only Amazing 0.84, let the fans have greatly increased.

But there is also a worries, the season in the season, the season, McCachen hits, below 0.200, although the improvement in the back and even Crawford is only 0.189 from the April hits only 0.189, to June On the 10th, his hits have come to 0.338 almost the best guerrilla hand at the time. Good scene, Joe-Panick, Kuio is injured, to later Westera surgery, Langria handfractor, Jeff Sama to rest, Belt, Mike Willianson shock, Hunter – Striklan hit the hand fracture with a hand hammer door, and the iron man Lao Scorns also fell, the total injuries of the giant were more than 1100 days.

Star player:

Batht – Pi: Taining is troubled last season, 105 games to fight 3D. 284 / .359 / .741, three data are the worst level after the first-stop team, which is sitting on the team, or even better Strong injured in 2011. At the same time, the number of homes is only 5, and the length of the length is less than 40 and the average level of career is. 465. At the end of the season, Po is on the hip surgery, repair the hip cartilage and remove the bone. He was trapping on March 1 and Bonamana, “I feel more relaxed” and expect to play at the San Diego priest at the opening day of the opening day of March.

Madison – Bonham: Since his last spring training competition hits the podders in front of the pitcher, Bonam Gan is until the beginning of July. After the returning return of the season, it has become more than that of the old problem. In the past nine years in the past nine branches, the four-bad ball rate of 2.0, and each nine bureau has to vote for 3 four-bad balls. Before the spring training, he accepted an interview although he joked that if you use the “false predecessor” tactics to leave the team, it is not difficult to see that the bureau is more than 200 bureaus for six consecutive years, plus two injuries. And some effects on his pitch. 18 years is also five years since 2014, the only year without home run. I look forward to his spring training in this year, there is a healthy ball season.

Derrick Rodrigue: Rodrigs is the son of Iván Rodríguez, a baseball name, which is a true “two generations”. Although not followed by his father’s footsteps, it was a thrilling performance in the San Francisco Giant 2018 season. The main investment 118.1, the self-sharing rate is only 2.81, and it is also a lower 1.13 per game. He ate 112 in the 19th game of the first year, and the average of each game can be eaten close to the 6 games and also make him stabilize the giant.

Team Outlook:

As a few teams in the Alliance, there are several teams in the lift season to compete for Harper’s competition. The court also renamed the Oracle Stadium from the previous AT & T race. Since Quinto will continue to recover, McCachen Philadelres, Pens also transfer to visitors, the team will have many new faces, which will become young and more rushing, and of course it will lack experience. Therefore, the team will not change the new trend of the old, I hope that there is a battle in the country that is more increasing in the season.

Pitcher rating: ★★★ ☆

Way rating: ★★ ☆

Expected record: 75-85 wins, strive for the second part

Holland's performance is that the giant is not a lot of surprises last season, and it is expected that he will pick up the second year of the second.

Holland’s performance is that the giant is not a lot of surprises last season, and it is expected that he will pick up the second year of the second.

The team estimates the opening season:

First Pointer: Madison – Bonthamana, Derrick – Holland, Derrick Rodrigueas, Dru – Ponmelanz, Andrew Sudus

Supporting Pitcher: Tony Watson, Mark – Merrann, Sam – Daren, Sam – Daren, Travis – Bergen

Terminator: Will-Smith

Catcher: Baste – Port, Riner-Rivira

Wilder: Brandon – Belt, Joe – Panick, Evan – Langria, Brandon – Crawford

Outfielder: Mike Willianson, Steven – Dugal, Austin – Sletary – Para