MLB30 Day 30 Team: St. Louis Palch is playing a big progress to recover the country of the country

MLB enters the spring training, the 2019 season has arrows on the string, to help new and old fans to familiarize with the status quo of all teams as soon as possible, and launch 30 days 30 team special for reference.Today is a Saint Louis Rock.

Team: St. Louis Sapphire

Partition: Guo Sai Central District

World Contest Champion: 11 times

Last season, record: 88-74 (partition third)

Team Attack Index: 0.730 (League 14)

Team Score Rate: 3.85 (League 12)

Main Coach: Mike Hilter


Optimistic fans said that the brown squad arrived until the last week was competing for the outer card seat; and the pessimistic fans told us that the red scitch has ranked third in two consecutive years. I missed the playoffs for three consecutive years. Although the red rickets were replenished in Masel-Azua and Bad Norris, the overall performance of the team was far from expected. The rickets were chasing the bear and winemakers from the beginning, but it was affected by injuries. After May, I was caught in the troubles of the three or four parties. Since the team’s winning rate has been 50%, the head coach Mike Matney. After the bench coach Mike Hilt, the team’s score has made progress, and the ranking has returned to the second place. A 41-winning record of 41 wins 28 wins in the Horten team. After playing a wave of 22 wins and 6 defeats in August, the 12th and 15 defeats in September made the red scitch completely https://www.maillotsenligne.comlost their external card qualifications.

The rest period is mainly:

The transaction gains a homework Paul-Gold Schmidt and the Starley Robinson. Signed free players have rescue pitcher Andrew Miller and first pitcher Adam – Wright. Signed a small alliance contract with the capture Habat-Vitz. With the first firman Miles Miaoras for 4 years.

Star player:

The Gord Schmidt, who came in the break, is undoubtedly the most shining star, and he has selected all star competitions six times, won the 4 silver rod awards and 3 gold gloves awards, old east’s Arizona fans. Pride called him “US a barrier”. In the past four seasons, he can stabilize the WAR greater than 5.0 each season, and at least 155 games per year. Before the May 22 last year, he only had .198 / .320 / .355, encountered the largest low tide of career, but as the top player of the league, he adjusted the rhythm of the waves in time, to .290 / .389 /.533 The strike of the strike in 2018, I also got a silver bat award. Stable state, serious and healthy body is his greatest advantage, what is the “Goldy” to help Red Colt in his contractual year?

“Carpenter” Matt-Cagpete’s performance was very similar to Gold Schmidt, and the hits in April were only. 145, June to September to .270, there are 30 complete homes. Cagpete has more than four years of attack index, but he is not a traditional gunfire output player, nor does it have the impact of the flying ball revolution to raise elevation angles, but it is more preferred to fly. He took 25.8% in the proportion of flat-free ball in 2012-2018, ranking 5th, relatively fixed blow strategy and way to become an indispensable member of the Red Season. In 2018, he only came out as a stroke, but because Gord Schmidt took a base base, he will mainly take the three base hands.

After contrast with the red scitch, the arrested Yadier Molina seems to be a little stagnant, although he contributed the number of professional career in 2018 (20), but it is undeniable that In the past two years, there is no more than 105 OPS + indicate that the legendary catcher may be difficult to add bricks to the row. Molina got a career in 2018, but his blocked arm speed (ARM Strength) was fell from 83.3mph 2017 to 81.8MPH, sliding from the top to approaching the alliance average. For this old cracker who is more than 1000 bureaus for the red scitch, the 16th old catcher will enter the career, the most important thing is to maintain the existing state, and use the rich experience to help the red squatts. growing up very fast.

Team Outlook:

The rickets have targeted rewards in the offset season, which makes their warth and cowshed their strengths have been enhanced last year. At the same time, the rankings of the China Union Central District are more confusing, winemakers, and bearings have the strength of the partition championship. The red man is also like a non-jailed blender in a tiger. Wilders are based on Steamer predict, the main field of the red scitch is in the second part, second only to the bear. In terms of pitcher, the first round value lacks the name of the ace, but Macquas, Fleiei and others are not proud of stunning performance, in the case of Carlos Martines, the physical condition and roles are still unclear. , Gant, Gonel, Rayes, etc. have the opportunity to become a pitcher, which may be a unstable factor.

In terms of cowshed, Andrew Miller’s arrival has not improved the overall strength of the cowshed, but maybe Jordan Hicks feels a slice of pressure, or can make the 8th game when the red ramp is more secure.

Pitcher rating: Samsung

WTR Rating: Samsung

Expected record: 84 to 88 wins, compete for partition champions

Preview first

1 top hand Matt – Carpenter

2 right wilder hand Durkest-Wom

3Revel Paul-Gold Schmitt

4 left outer wilderman Masel – Austrian

5 guerrillas Paul – Delong

6 Catcher Yadie – Molina

7 second bases Clerton – Wang

8 Chinese and foreign wilder Harrison – Bad

Team estimates to open season

First, Pitcher: Meers – Miaolas, Jack – Fleti, Michael – Waccar, Adam – Wright, John Gant

Rescue pitcher: Andrew Miller, Dominic-Leon, Chad Schpev, Dakotte – Henderson, Osts – Gonel, Carlos Martinez

Terminator: Jordan Hicks

Catcher: Yadie – Molina, Francisco – Penia

Wilder: Matt – Carpenter, Paul – Gold Schmidt, Paul – Delong, Klton – Wang, Jede – Joiro, Jose – Martinez, Yulo Muni Oz

Outfielder: Harrison – Bad, DXVT – Fon, Masel – Austrian, Taylor – O’Neill