MLB3 Day Summary: The first returning Washington Harper Kaifeng Grandci single field

On April 3, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Grand Union conducted 12 games.The results are as follows: Tiger 3-1 Yangji, winemaker 4-3 red, Philadelres 8-2 national, Jinxi 2-1 Blue Bird, Rocky 0-4 light, Metropolis 6-5 Marin fish, spacePeople 4-6 Cavalry, Shuangcheng 5-4 Royal (10 bureaus), red stockings 0-1 sportswate, giant 5-6 Dodge, tail snake 8-5 priest, Angel 1-2 sailor.

Philadelphia 8-2 Washington National

In the second bureau, Michael Franco’s Yangchun cannon break the deadlock.In the fourth place, Odu Belle-Erela returned to the home base by the opponent’s capture-Gomez, 2-0.In the upper half of the sixth game, Philadelists continued to expand the advantage, Joan Sengu was playing the classroom, and then the Bryce Harper’s security will send Segula back to the home, 6-0.In the second half of the sixth bureau, Anthony-Linden played two points, 6-2.In the eighth game, Harpes bombarded two points, and the audience was locked in 8-2.

Philadelphians first sent a pitcher Zach-Eflin, 5 games, no loss, 9 times, Zhen Zhen. The national ace Max-Xie Zer’s 5 bureau lost 2 points and 1 point for blame, sent 9 three-vibration, regret. Philadelphians Segula and Harper have three hits, three points, Michael Franco, two players, three times, three, four bad guarantees. Philadelphians wanted for the first time after 1915.

Detroit Tiger 3-1 New York Yangji

Clint Fraser taled high-flying sacrifice to help DJ-Le Mei break in the second half of the second game, the tiger team was playing the second base for John Hicks to play the second base to send back to Jemmer – Candella Olympic level score. The Siki, the top half, the quarter, the end of the Terminator, Chapman, but the Tiger team’s Dastine Peterson and Jordi-Methose played back from Chapman hand. Tiger 3-1 battle work foundation.

The tiger team first sent a pitcher Jordan – Zimmean 6.2 bureau lost 1 point, sent 6 three vibrations, Yang Jie team first pitcher field will be largely lost 1 point, send 7 three vibrations. Qiao Ximnene got the victory, the third rescue of the Green season.

Milwaukee Brewing Night 4-3 Cincinnati

The third bureau’s top Hesus-Agah is home to the teammate, 1-0. The second half of the second half of the four bureaus of Euhnio Sudus helped the red man equalize the score. In the upper half of the sixth game, Olando-Assia ranched home running in the case of the two people, and the wineman 4-1 was closed. The Red Squad is in the second half of the sixth game and the second half of the eighth games rely on Scott-Shebler’s rolling earth and Suarez’s Yangchun cannon recovered two points.

The winemaker first sent a pitcher Jorris-Xinden’s 5.1 bureau lost 2 points, and sent six three-vibration to win the victory. The Red Squad made a pitcher Anthony Dersco Lafarna’s 5 games lost 1 point, and 8 three-vibration did nothing to do. The 4th rescue in the Blackde season.

Coloradoli 0-4 Tampa Bay

The main team launched an attack in the lower half of the next half, and the Mike Zunno’s roll in the case of Mike, Zunano’s rolls, due to the arrival of the Rocky Cars, Cres, leads to https://www.maillotspascherfr.comthe light team. Gililmo – Eredia then took the hurt, his one-bar, and then returned two points, 3-0. In the second half of the sixth bureau, Christian-Arroya’s anteception help the team again, the radiance final 4-0 battles.

The Rocky team first made a pitcher Kyle Flander’s 4.1 bureau lost 3 points, 2 points for self-responsive, and sent 10 three vital swallowments. The rays first pitched Brek-Snerve 7 games did not lose the high quality first got the victory, 13 times. The Rocky team is only Trevo Sto Rui.

Houston Space Man 4-6 Dezhou City

The first two games, Michael Brandhe’s roll-up earth and George-Springer’s high flight sacrifice to send space people 2-0 lead. In the second half of the second place, the two-point guns of Athre Robal-Kabrera chased score. In the fifth game, Tony Kemp’s rolls made the spaceman ahead again, 3-2. The fifth game, El Vis – Andrews and Nimar Madlara’s security retrieval, 3-4. The sixth game, the spaceman relies on the second base of Carlos Corea to equalize the field. The first base of Qiao Gall, Gallo, returned to two points, and the spaceman 4-6 lost to the rider.

Space Man’s Ace Pitcher Justin – Willands appeared in 4 points, and the ride will first send Sherrby Miller only to the 3.2 game. 2 points. Sean Kelly got the victory, Leklake rescue success.

San Francisco Giant 5-6 Los Angeles Daoqi

In the third bureau, Ernnande’s Baseball Makens and Kodin-Belinjan’s Splendly Cannon makes the Dodge 5-0 lead. In the upper half of the sixth game, Madison-Bonamana personally played home, 5-2. The seven games in the lower half Justin – Terna played a high flying sacrifice, 6-2. In the first half of the ninth game, the giant rely on Yangger Vis Sortte, and the first base of Helardo-Pala will be close to 6-5, but Dodge Terminator KMG – Jensen ultimately let Papro Sandovall play a double kill, and the Dodge is surprisingly winning.

Dodge first made a pitcher Liu Xianzhen 7 bureau lost two points to send 5 times San Zhen got the victory, Jensen rescue success. Bonam Gah has lost 5 points in the 6th game, and there is no self-responsibility to swallow the defeat.

Arizona Snake 8-5 San Diego Priest

The first half of the year, the two-pointers, the two-point guns, help the priest team. The fourth game, Kitter-Malt’s Yangchun cannon and pitcher Zach Granki three-unit will have a real score, 4-2. The sixth bureau, John Ryan Murphi and Grande played the Yangchun, 6-2, and Grandfound. In the second half of the sixth bureau,
Lunfver also doubled, 6-3. The seventh place is over, Christian-Walker’s Yangchun cannon expand the score to 7-3. In the second half of the seventh place, Will Miles played two points, 7-5. In the eighth game, Wilmer-Florez returned to the home base by the other pitcher, the final score 8-5, the tail snake defeated the priest.

The snake first pitcher Grande appearance 6 bureau lost 3 points to send 10 three vibrations. Greg Holland rescue is successful.

Los Angeles Angel 1-2 Seattle Sailor

The angel team was first scored by UN-Smith in the second half. The sailor team relied on the second base of the sixth bureau in the sixth bureau and Dan Vogerbucks in the second half of the eighth games later won the victory of this game.

The angel first pitched Terevo-Kakir 6 bureau lost 1 point, and the quality of the quality was unrelated. The sailor team first pitched Malco-Gonzalect 8.1 bureau lost 1 point to win the victory, Anthony Swazak won the rescue success.