MLB3 daily view Frequency broadcast Luoky VS Dodge Luocheng Haomen intends to win the chase

Beijing time on September 3,
08:10 will stage a National Association, the Coloradoliji team from the bottom of the regional pad, challenge the partition of the Los Angeles Daoqi, which is the first game of the three series of games in the competition. Will live live on this game, welcome fans to watch.

Rocky is currently at 59 wins 79 to the bottom of the country. Rocky does not have a pirate in today’s game, and he has encountered six joints. However, Luo is basically sincerely bid farewell to the playoffs, and the current theory may have no longer. The crucity of the basic season of Luo is in the pitcher, and the total number of 823 points is the only team in the country who has lost more than 800 points. The second more pirates only 753 points.

Dodge is in the end of the competition, and the 11th game of the extended competition https://www.mlbtrojerse.comis difficult to defeat the snake. At present, Dodge is 89 wins and 50 negative, and 64.0% of the winning rate is leading the whole country. The national association’s second good Eastern Longtou Atlanta Warriors only 60.9% won. Dodge has a total loss of differences in the entire alliance, 217 points.

Game point

A contest of a one-end tail in the National Union West District, the difference between the two teams is as high as 29.5, which looks not big. However, on the single game results, the baseball has great unpredictability. Moreover, the routine record of the two teams last year is a 162 game, and the Dodge finally won the 163th game of the 163th game to dominate the country.

First firing

Luoji team first pitcher: Peter Lambert

Dodge team first firing: Walker

The Rocky Ben is the first year of young pitcher Peter Lambert. The 22-year-old right pitcher landed in this season, there have been 15 first hair, but the results are general, the self-sharing rate is 6.63, and 2 wins and 5 defeat. Lambert’s last first year is on August 28 to the red socks, and the 4.1 bureau lost 5 points.

The Dodge team sent Walker-Bille first. The 25-year-old https://www.mlbdrakterno.comright chapter was regarded as a fidelity pitcher in Dodge, this season 25 times first won 11 winning investment, only 3 defeats, the self-sharing rate of 3.03 and 185 triathally very bright eyes. The Billet is quite good. There is no loss in the last two times, and the 13 games are only baked in the 13th game.

Focus star

The Rocky Star Guerrie “Trevor Story came to the fourth largest alliance season for three consecutive years. He only used the 97 game in 2016 to send 2 7 bombings. The 26-year-old powerful right, this season has contributed 29 bombing 75 points, and there is a new high in the three digits. His attack index is high. 914 is the highest guerrilla hand in the national attack index.

Dodge guerrillas – Sigs Signs takes 3% of the 508 hits in 2016, and the https://www.mlbtrojerse.com26 bombing 72 points becomes the King of the National Union, and in 2016 and 2017, I have been selected for two consecutive years. However, the 25-year-old left tricks encountered injuries in the 2018 ball season, only 26 games. After coming out of this season, there were 12 contributions of 12 bangs 61 points, and the attack index. 787. Dodge still looks forward to this career an average of 2% 94 hits, the attack index. 848 young good hands returns to the standard.