MLB23 Summary: Space Man Ask Ding Meni West District Belin Jie Li helps 100 wins

On September 23, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Union conducted 15 games. The results are as follows: Bluebird 3-8 Yangji, sailor 1-2 Jinyu, red stockings 7-4 light, white socks 3-6 tiger, Metropolis 6-3 red, national 3-5 Marin fish, giant 4 -1 Warrior, Angel 5-13 Space Man, Pirate 3-4 Brewers, Royal 8-12 Shuangcheng, Royal 3-2 Pearl, Ranger 8-3 Sports Home, Snake 4-6 Prideist (10 bureaus), Luoki 4-7 Dodge, Philadelphie 1-10 Indian people.

Bluebird 3-8 Yangji

The second half of the 1st game, Jia Qi and Gardner have brought the Yangchun cannon and the three-year gun, Yangji 4-0 lead. The second half, the teenager Le Mei is a bombard, the Saki 6-0.5, Stanton sacrifice, and Woi Toytan help Yangji will take 2 points, 8-0. The Blue Bird Team recovered 3 points in the upper half of the 7th and 9th games, but the two-point gun and Yangchun cannons were separated from 3 points, but they had no help. The final Yangji 8-3 great win blue bird.

This game Yang Bay team first sessteeo main investment 5.0, sent 9K, winning the victory.

Sailor 1-2 Jinyi

1 half of the game, Crawford 1 points to help the sailor team 1-0 take the lead in score. The second half of the 1st game, Nuns is deeply equivalent to help the golden slamping score, 1-1.7, the second half, Davis slammed the home run, the golden team anti-ratios, 2-1. Finally, Jinjian team 2-1 defeated the sailor.

Jinyang team issued John Mund Sports 7.0 Bureau, sent 4K, win the victory.

Red stockings 7-4 rays

The first half of the game, JD-Martinensian hit red socks to win the first, and Vasqueras then slammed the three-unit gun, red stockings 4-0 lead. 1 second half, Tommy – Fan rolling earth forms a double kill but helps the team to recover 1 point. The second half of the 2nd Bureau and the second half, Kiramore and Wynder use 1 point to fight and chase the score to 3-4.

The fourth game is over, the radiance guarantees and the stovery makes the red socks to win two points, the red socks 6-3.7 bureaus, the radiance defensive mistakes make the red socks 1 point, 8-3.9 second half , McApe hooked out of the Yangchun, and the rays recovered 1 point. However, final red socks were defeated with 7-4.

The reddock team first sent Joordi’s main investment 6.0 bureau, sent 6K, and won the victory.

White socks 3-6 tiger

1st game, Himennes slammed two points, white socks 2-0 lead. 1 second half, Edlario bombard two points, the tiger team chased the score, 2-2. Subsequently, the tiger team took over the game, Bakeham 2 brought out the spring gun, Stewart hit 1 point of security, Rays slammed out the Yangchun gun, Castili also knocked out 1 point, Tiger team 6-2 Lead. 7 bureaus, Castro Yangchun can help the white socks to recover 1 point. In the end, Tiger 6-3 beat white socks.

The white stockings team first blocked Boid’s main investment 5.0, sent 6K, and won the victory.

Metropolis 6-3 red

In the middle of the 1st game, Kano hit 1 point away from the second base, and then Kong Formo hooked out of the three-year gun, and the Metropolitan team was 4-0 lead. 1 second half, Aquino sacrifice helps the Red people to recover 1 point, 1-3.5, the second half, the law 出 阳 春 炮, 4-4.6 LAN, JD-Davis Break the spring gun, Metropolis 5-2. Then the two sides of the game, all of the spring booms, and eventually defeated the red people.

National 3-5 Marinfish

In the second half of the 1st, Lombard hits two points to help the National Team 2-0 lead. The second half of the 1st, Castro knocked out the sacrifice of the murricane team to equalize the score, 1-1.4 bureau, Duzr rolled down 1 point, followed by Wao Si 1 point, the national team 3-1 leading. The second half of the 7th Bureau, Di’an bombarded the Yangchun cannon, and then Beli Titan took out 2 points to play, Castro also contributed to the three bases, 4 points, 5-3 anti-ratios. The final Marin 5-3 defeated the nationals.

Giants 4-1 Warriors

In the middle of the 6 games, Londoria and Ricada hit 1 point and 2 points, two-base, and the giants were leading 3-0. 6 President, Fri Man sacrifice the earth to help the Warriors chase 1 point. The upper half of the 7 games, the contribution of Londoria 1 point, 4-1. Final Giants 4-1 defeated the Warrior.

The giant first Haibu is the main investment 6.0, sent 7K, and win the victory.

Angel 5-13 space man

The first four games, the space team hits 4 points by spelling the Springer San. The angel team won 2 points in tandem and sacrifice. The second half of the 5 bureau, Bregman bombarded two points, then Chrinos knocked out 2 points, and the spaceman then took 2 points from the series, and the Spaceman took 6 points, 10-2. The second half of the 6 bureau, Diaz slammed the three-unit gun, 13-2. The angel team seven second half of the second half, but it is too late. The final space 13-5 defeated angel. This game spaceman also officially locked the 2019 Mei Lianxi District Championship.

The spaceman first sent Vilan, this game, 5.0 bureau, sent 5K, and win the victory.

Pirate 3-4 winemaker

The Sakuki team strikes the two homes of the Yangchun cannons and Tamas, with the two homes of the Yangchun cannons and Tamas. The second half of the 8 games, the winemaker defensive mistake made the pirate 1 point, and then Tuck hit 2 points to fight, pirate 3-4. However, the final winemaker is still defeating the pirate in 4-3.

Royal 8-12 Shuangcheng

1 second half, the double city team firepower opened. First, two, more than 2 points, followed by Sano, 3 out of the gun, and Atox also hit 1 point, 6-0. The royal team is not willing to show weakness, and they bombard two points in the next half of the two games, and the second half of the three games is connected in series and a sacrifice roll. Royal 5-6.3 bureau, Suno bombarded Yangchun Cannon, Double City 7-5. The 4th game, Royal Anwang recovered 1 point, but then Cruz grown out of the Yangchun cannon, Double City 8-6 leaded.

6 bureaus Rez is guaranteed, and Shuangcheng won 2 points, 12-6 leading. In the upper half of the 9 bureau, the double city was full of royal players, and the ratio was 12-8. But then they didn’t give the opponent chance, and finally the double city 12-8 defeated the royal.

Sapphire 3-2 bear

The second half of the 1st game, the bruisess team attacked the leakage to let Castrianos scrapped, and the bears 1-0 lead. In the upper half of the 3 games, Del is bombarded out of the Yangchun, and the rickets 1-1 hit the score. 6 bureaus, Casteanos bombard the Yangchun, the bear 2-1 rebarrier. In the upper half of the 9 bureau, F Wah Fei sacrifice made the Red Picking team equalize the score, 2-2. Gold Schmidt then hit 1 point of depth of the second base, and the Sapphire team beat the bear.

This game is the mainstay of the main investment 7.2, send 4K, and win the victory. The bear team first developed than the main investment 8.2, sent 12K.

Ranger 8-3 sportswater

In the middle of the 1 game, the tourist soldiers slammed the homes and won 4 points. In the upper half of the 3 game, Carhorn contributed to Yangchun. In the upper half of the 4 games, autumn and Santana Ann hit the cavalry to win 2 points, 7-0.4, the second half of the prescription, the second base, the home, 1 point, 1-7.5, half, Maza La Yangchun cannon, the rider expanded the leading advantage to 8-1. The sportsman then recovered 2 points in the game, but the final cavalry was defeated at 8-3.

The ride will first launched the main investment 5.1 bureau, send 12K, and win the victory.

Snake 4-6 priest (10 bureaus)

In the upper half of the 2 game, Jones slammed two-point gun, and the snake was 4-0. The second half of the 4th Bureau, Franc bombarded two points, the priest team recovered 2 points. The second half of the 6th Bureau, Meishiasbrean and Meishia Anatha Help the priests won two points, the priest team 4-4 chasing the score. Then the two sides of the game have no trees, and the game enters the extended competition.

In the second half of the 10 bureaus, Mei Xiasbre is bombard out of two points, the priest team finally looked at the snake.

Rocky 4-7 Dodge

The first half of the game, Hampton bombarded the Yangchun cannon, Lokki 1-0 lead. 5 bureaus, Liu Xianzhen branched the first home run, Dodgerators 1-1 equalize the score. Subsequently, Belinjan bombarded guns, Dodgerators 5-1 lead. In the upper half of the 7 game, Sirad has grown two-point gun, and the Rociji team chased the score to the second half of the 3-5.7 bureau and the second half of the bureau, Sig and Smith bombarded the spring gun, Dodgerators 7-3 lead .

In the upper half of the 9 bureau, Silad 1 points second bases to recover 1 point, and Rocky is chasing the score to 4-7. However, the final Dodge team beat Rocky in 7-4.

This game Dodge Team first issued Liu Xian Zhen Zhenzheng 7.0 Bureau, sent 8K, and win the victory.

Philadelphie 1-10 Indian people

In the upper half of the 3 game, Ryoumu struck out of the second base to help Phi City 1-0 lead. 4 bureaus, Freman rolled the earth to help Indian recovery, 1-1.5, the second half, Melkado branched three-year gun, Indian people 4-1 anti-ratios. 7 bureaus, Lin Muo 1 points, one, then, then, Puiggi took 2 points away from the second base, and Rays will then make up two points, 10-1. In the end, Indian people 10-1 victory.