MLB2021 Silver Bar Award is released! Alcohol is elected, although retired is still harvested

The King Glove Prize was issued for the MLB2021 season awards, and Beijing time on November 12, the final result of the Silver Bods was as scheduled. This award is to recognize the two union of the two alliances to strike the best players, the Maslian does not set the award because the spendle strikes are too small. Among the winning players, the most worthy of the “two knife” teenagers in Los Angeles Angel, although the hits are not ideal, but his long-playing strength is very highlighted, and there is no suspense to gain a Silver Cove Award for the United States to designate the Silver Cove Award .

Breakfast blue birds have become a big winner of the Menlian Silver Boll, and the Based on the Based on the Marki-Grero, the second base, Muscar, West Men and the owner, Oscar – Ernad All the award. And the two star players of the red stockings, the three-game Raffar Dels and guerrillas praise-Bocgatz also awarded, plus Jinyan’s owner, Sedrick, Mulins, and Yangji Juji, Mei Lian East District occupies 7 seats in the Silver Cove Award! It can be described as a veritable “gunpowder”.

Another award-winning is Royal Catcher Salvador-Perez, and the only gold gloves of the silver
rod double prize is Blue Bird.

According to the country, there is also a player who harvested the gold gloves, but this player is not a wilder or catcher, but a pitcher! First Pitcher from the Deflan Warrior Warriors, Max Fried, harvested the award, while the Warriors were another player, the Freddy-Fremman, the second base, Occi-Albes and the three-speed Austin- Raverid award, the Warriors became the biggest winner of the Silver Bods.

The only non-warriors winner from the wild is from the priest, the star guerrillas small Fernando – Tatis has won the award with excellent blow. The 3 winners of the award-winning owners are the national Juan Sodo, Philadelphie’s Bryce and Red Man’s Nick Casteranos, and the captured winner is the old man of the giant. Special – Port. The old will have just announced its retirement after the season, this award is undoubtedly the biggest award for his excellent performance in the past year.