MLB15 Summary: Red Socks Allowed Jinyu Dodge Damn Silver Wine End Liu Loss

On April 15th, Beijing time, the US Professional Baseball Grand Union conducted 14 games. The results are as follows: Ray 8-4 Blue Bird, Space Man 3-2 Sailor, Jinyu 0-4 Red Socks, White Socks 5-2 Yangji, Philadelres 3-1 Marin Fish, Indians 8-9 Royal, Sports Home 7-8 Caval, winemaker 1-7 Dodge, pirate 4-3 National, Sapphire 9-5 red, Rocky 4-0 giant, Tiger 4-6 Shuangcheng, priest 4-8 Route snake, metropolis 3-7 Warriors.

Baltimore Gold Of 0-4 Boston Red Socks

In the first three games, there were no build trees, the fourth place in the fourth game, and then Martinneys knocked out the second base. In the case of 2, three bases, Bugosa’s high-flying sacrifice, sagging the deadlock. The sixth game, Martin, took the lead in knocking out the second base to play, but the top three batters were resolved by Ples, and the Jinjian team wasted the best score opportunity.

The eighth bureau’s red socks once again set off the offensive, Bates and Martinnes’ sashimianship captured 1, 2 bases, Bugosa’s three-year gun locking the victory. The red socks first pitched the pitcher David Prab 7 times, 7 times, there was no loss, get the first victory in the individual season, and the red socks were also completed the second time.

Houston Space Man 3-2 Seattle Sailor

The first game under the niki-Hanigan Yangchun cannon let Seattle sailor take the lead in score, and the sailor also expands the resection of the running season to 18 games. The third bureau undergasting to Santana continuously knocked out the second base to beat, the sailor expanded his lead.

On the sixth game, the top of Camp, Otti, and Bregman knocked out an overlay, and the Branderey’s right foreign field is safe. The seventh game of Shangdiaz’s Yangchun cannon helped space people to attack the leader,
and finally Ausun helped the team to stay in victory.

Marcy is the strongest performance of your career

Marcy is the strongest performance of your career

Colorado Silver 4-0 San Francisco Giant Man

At the third game, the two bureaus of Arrena selected four bad balls, Storery’s second base, let Rocky break the deadlock. On the fifth game, Blackmont and Hampton’s continuous attack account for 1, 2 bases, and Arrecoto stabbed the first home running in the individual season, and the three-year-old gun also allowed Rocky to get 4 to 0 lead.

Rocky first made a pitcher Marquiz, the first five bureaus investigated 15 on 15, the sixth game of the ball and the opponent, the eighth game, the eighth game, the Angria’s place of play, let the innocent game dreams. However, Marques still made an innocent festival.

Chicago White Socks – 5-2 New York Yangji

After the first game, the Alon Jiaqi was guaranteed, and Woit’s second base will let Yangji lead the lead. The third bureau, Totomman’s branch of the barrier, the burst of the Barriquin, and Jiaqi’s timely, the series will expand the score to 2 to 0 lead.

The fourth game on the white socks launched the offensive, and the field will be unstable and the big control ball is unable to make a base after being knocked out and continuously. Tim-Anderson’s full rejuvenation. The fifth game on the white socks once again captured the base, and Abu Rui’s high flying sacrificed expanded the leading advantage.

Tanaka lost the 4th game to the first season next season, and the white stockings were completed, and the cowshed a series of servants who made the white socks and Yangji.

Milwaukee Brewing People 1-7 Los Angeles Daoqi

The first bureau will capture the full colliscation, and the Sino-foreign country direction of Viduo allows the team to win 2 to 0, and the second bureau is on the 6th era in the individual season. .

The third bureau, relying on the continuous placement, the score will be extended to 6-0, the fifth bureau, the napo’s Yangchun cannon to make the Dodge to lock the victory, the eighth game, the Tamas’s high-flying sacrifice, only let the winemaker Reward some face.

Dodge first fell in the Stereglin 8 games only lost 1 minute, the first season, the Dodge won the winemaker and ended his six-game losing.