MLB transaction deadline close to Pallar restriction target lock giant Terminator Smith

There are still half a month from MLB on July 31, and I have a team that prepares the finals of the season. At present, 44 wins and 44-linked St. Louis Rocks have been taken out to acquire a terminator.

St. Louis Paleck is just behind the first place in the middle of China. In this season, I will hit the thrill playoff.

At present, the red scitch puts the target’s goal in the giant left-pointed ender Will Smith.

According to sources, the red ramp and the giants conducted a serious discussion on Smith’s transactions in the All-Star Council. The sources pointed out that the Shengluus printed trading came to Smith just the first step, and it was also ready to introduce other layout pitcher. It can be expected to be a red fourth is to decide and the bear in the 2019 season.

The giant Terminator Will Smith will become a free player after the end of the season, as the deadline is approaching, he has become one of the most popular potential transactions in the baseball world. In the first half of the season, he won 23 rescues in MLB, and the giant iron, which is in the reconstruction period, is to translate his transaction to change the potential.

In addition, there is news, Dodge, Warriors, winemakers and visitors have also expressed interest in Smith.

Since the beginning of June, after the end of the ramp, Karlos Martinez’s self-sharing rate dropped only 1 at the same time, and the first two seasons were the first two seasons’ patriarcharms have always been a big problem. Russen How to find a good shield and then introduced is also very bad.

Watch the St. Louis Red Spather, they are very lack of high-quality left pitcher. The Andrew Miller in the world is the only left vote in the Sapphire. He has a poor score rate in this year to 3.81.

In view of the high proportion of the country of the country, the proportion of the left players, the left pitcher with pressure-resistant will be the big fever of the trading market. Will Will Smith will not be delivered to the rickets? We will wait and see.