MLB-Taylor goodbye home barrier Dodi extension game 3-2 thrilling defeat Rocky

On June 10, the United States, the United States, the United States, the Large League, Los Angeles, Coqi, met the Colorado Squad, under the compression of the two teams Left vote, and the suppression of Ke Xiao, two sides 2: 2 into the extended competition, ultimately relying on TaylorThe next half of the Ten Council from Otvino’s hands, the name of the Barrier, Dodge 3: 2 defeated Rocky and opened the warlet between the two sides came to 1.5.

[Data Highlight]

Rociji team: Freland Six and two-thirds of the second game lost two points, Blackman 3 play 1 hit 1 home run 2 guaranteed

Ke Xiao this year is not good, he has not selected a total of all stars. He has a high quality first 7 leads

Ke Xiao this year is not good, he has not selected a total of all stars. He has a high quality first 7 leads

Dodge Team: Ke Xiao seven games lost two points and one point, Taylor 4 played 2 home homes, Machado 4 play 2

[Competition Review]

Coloradolki’s second game challenged the Los Angeles Dodge Series, the winner of this game will have a lot of people concerned – because the two teams kill in the position of the national Union western region and only 0.5 games, temporary One of the Dao is successful after defeating Rocky yesterday, and the competition in this position can be seen in this position. This game The game of Kylefreeland is strong to the Clayton Kershaw of the Horses of the Horizon. Frelander slowly retrieved the pressure protection after spending a slightly unstable opening season, the self-sharing rate before the competition was as low as 2.96, which can be said to be very There is a pressure, the first year of 2014 can be said to be slowly growing into the team you want. And Koke, one of the most compressed pitches in the 21st century, the most valuable players in the Third Saiyang Awards, have explained his performance, although it is absent in the past three years. The competition, but the self-sharing rate of 2.51 before the game is still proven that as long as it is healthy, he is still the trump card that makes the player.

After the start of the game, Ke Xiao quickly made the visiting Rocky three three, and the second half of the two people were out of the game, Flanders suddenly encountered chaos, first was hit by Mashado. After the two bases, after David Freese, Pingfei in the left outer field of Camp (Matt Kemp) was sent back to Macquarium, but Camp was passed on the right country. (GERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRADO PARRA) was caught and did not make harm continue to expand.

The third game has also blown up the counterattack of the counterattack, and the three-handed balls will be held after the four-bad balls, and the two bases have been parked, followed by Charlie Blackmon. Go to the four-bad ball. Next Star Halema hits three types of directions to cause Justin Turner mistakes, and the Hampton’s returns of Hampsen is also leaking. A ball, let Lemao take the opportunity to go to the second base. Fortunately, the next stick, Nolan Arenado, hit the earth, stop the damage.

Brekman's home run is played into the team.

Brekman’s home run is played into the team.

However, Brekman took the speed of Ke Xiao directly to the middle and foreign wilderness in the first half of the five games, and Luoqui had more than a score at this time, 2: 1 leader. But I didn’t expect the next half. In the case of a second base, Taylor’s three types of soft rolls formed inland, and the Arena of the gold gloves of the trend of the gold gloves did not catch the leader. Austin Barnes, the second base, thus moving the ball to the three base. How to make up the teammates can’t catch the ball, take advantage of this opportunity to run back to the home base again.

Ottvino rapidly marched this year, the baseball expert is called a big flying drive, because the landscape of the ball is very horrible, but by Taylor seizes the opportunity to play the home.

Ottvino rapidly marched this year, the baseball expert is called a big flying drive, because the landscape of the ball is very horrible, but by Taylor seizes the opportunity to play the home.

The two teams were behind the two sides and the crowds of cowshed, and they could not easily be a step in the sixth game, although there was a sporadic offensive, but eventually did not end. So, the game was dragged into the extension. In this high-intensity and so important game, the psychological quality of the two sides is greatly tested, compared
to Rocky, Dodge has always been victorious in recent years. The baptism of the playoffs, the rise of the anti-idea of ??the vulnerability quarter is more unexpected, and the big scene is a little less. Therefore, when the ten bureaus, one person is out, Rocky’s layout pitcher Ottvino is a lost scorpion by Taylor, a stick pulls the ball out of the left, goodbye End the game! Dodge 3: 2 defeated Rocky’s hard work, and also stepped on the foot on the rankings, and now the leading lead has come to 1.5 win.

[Two sides starting]


First stick Chinese and foreign wilder, Charlie – Brekman

The second stick Based DJ-Lema

Third stick, Land, Noland – Arrena

Fourth rod left outer wilder Matt – Haplex

The fifth stick

Sixth stick right wilder Grador – Pala

Seventh stick Catcher Chris Yen Tower

Eighth Bar Guards Gerate – Hampton

Ninth Bar Pitcher Kyle Vereland

Los Angeles Daoqi

First stick left outer wilder Chris Taylor

Second stick, three base, Justine-Ten

Third stick guerrilla Manni Mado

Fourth stick, a barrier, David – Fris

Fifth stick right wilder hand Matt – Camp

Sixth Bar 2 Rackle Bryan – Doch

Seventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder enrick – Ernand

Eighth stick two bases, Osding-Barnes

Ninth Bar Pitcher Clayton

[Tomorrow Outlook]

Yesterday, the first game of the Three Wars, the Dodge team took back the throne position of the National Union West. Tomorrow will be the last game of the two teams, and in this outer card list and the battle of the leader of the National Union, the two teams hope to win the series of victories to ensure their advantages in the playoffs. Ming Japan will send Anderson’s play. Anderson’s pre-shooting mechanism had a problem, and the number of guarantees per game was very amazing, but the last face of the San Francisco giant, the six games only lost two points, the focus is that there is no guarantee. Braz is a 7-win 5 loss after being pulled up in this season, and the self-sharing rate is even only 2.88. The previous game faces the outer card competitors St. Louis Luoxue. Good performance of secondary quarters.