MLB-Running Snake War of War Wars, Rouge Rank Rankings

On September 23, Beijing time, Arizona Rattles continued to meet Coloradologen in the home court.The residents of this snake are the leader of the generals, but only 3.0 bureaus lost 4 points. It is desperately designed; anti-guangen pitcher Senztera played outstanding, 7 games only lost 1 point, and the advantages established by Lihuoli.In the end, Rocky’s 5-11 losing snake in the jewel, continued to catch up with the name of the name, and the squash of the outer card.

[Data Highlight]

Aneneta 4 played two players, got 3 points, and the team is a lot of points in Dar, Hampton 1 points.Only Pollock booked the home base to the team to get the only one.

[Competition process]

In the first half, Krin first debuted, in the face of the first stick Blackmont, manufacturing the player hitting the best direction and rolling the earth, was blocked out; then Le Mei took the first base, and passed guerrillas Adam’s passing mistakes to the second base, Arryno selected four bad balls to ensure that Colbin broke the investment, and the two runners were promoted to the second and third bases; then the second guarantee, Corbin In the first bureau, it is not very stable, but Daysmond hits the earth and hits the earth, and the rocky is unfortunately.

In the second half of the first game, Senztela came to the ball. His pitch is relatively relaxed. In the face of the top three sticks in the snake, the player has been produced and the player is running out, and the Branch ends.

In the upper half of the second bureau, Corbin picked the tread state significantly improved, although she was hit by Ane Naji, but after the end of the aftertreatment, even sent three three vibrations, the next half returned to the first stick Strike, see if Colebin is successfully resolved. In the second half, Gord Schmidt hit, the first ball was active, but the earth was blocked; then Descaso and Poolock were successively suffered.

In the middle of the third bureau, Colibin picked up to Black Montani, to keep the upper base; Le Mei was rolled out, but pushed into the package, Arraya again selected four bad balls, Huoli was three vibration Under the situation out of the two people,
Dayersmond also received the guarantee, and the Ane Na Tower knocked out a hit, Blackmont, Arrea ran back home score, Rocky got lead, 2-0; Subsequently, Dar was knocking out of a hive, Rocky scored again, 3-0; Hampton’s continuous third support allows points to be 4-0, and the Cole Board encountered major eruptions.

In the third bureau, Senztela continued to perform a good performance, first manufacturing two rolling earths to let Amed, Avira out, then three oscillated in the fight against Kribin, there is no way to get a score .

In the fourth place, the Landaur-Delgado Due to the game, the first firing Carbin was only over 3.0 bureau was hit by 5, and there were 4 points. There were 5 magnifications and 4 guaranteed, the last season The game ends with a very unmembered transcript. Delgado was hit by the first stick Black, and https://www.trikotskaufenn.comthe three players were flying and rolling out, and the half ended.

In the second half of the fifth situation, Senztera was lost, first made the Gord Schmidt flat, Descaso was also hit, but Polox branked out of the Yangchun cannon, helping the snake recovery 1 Division, 4-1; Amed will then roll the earth, and the snake is only 1 point to end the bureau.

In the second half of the sixth game, the spending is back to the ball, facing the line of the first rod, and sent two high-speed ball out, and Zhen Zhennada and successfully completed the work. In the second half of the sixth bureau, Senztela continued to shoot, and hit a hit by the first hit Avila, the Brito flat game played in the game, Jay double kill, let this half have come again. The line of the tail snake did not pick up.

In the second half of the seventh place, it is still Senztela, although the first hit Eshka hits a hit, but then, after the continuous manufacturing of the snake center, the three-story flying ball is out, perfect to solve this half. Keep a wonderful performance, 7 games only lose 1 point.

In the second half of the eighth game, Otvino replaced Senztera. The first pitcher was settled in the past 7.0 games only knocked out the 3 security beat lost 1 point, and four three-oscillated did not guarantee, very excellent performance. Ottvino has also made a high-speed ball and rolling earth, and successfully completed the eighth game.

In the first half of the ninth game, Blackmond once again hit the hit, at this time, the snake replaced Box Burg, but was taken from Leme to fight out, no one out of the first floor, there are people; Arren Ball out, the runner pushed to the second or third base, Parafi played out, but was automatically guaranteed, forming a full base; Day Sward knocked out the earth, Amed Choose the home base to blocked the three-base runner, rocky Still full, but two people go out; then Ai Narta is selected from the four bad balls and pressing 1 point, and the score came to 5-1. The last Daru high ball is out, and the game came to the last half.

In the second half of the ninth, although there is no rescue point but Rocky is still sent to Wade Davis, first solving the Malt-played Mart, then Jay rolls out the game, and finally Eskoba tapped out the left The high-speed ball was killed, and Rocky was easily closed.

[Two sides starting]

Arizona Snake Team:

1. Joan-Jay’s right wilder

2. Edward multi-Eshkiba

3. David-Perala left outer wilder

4. Paul Gold Schmidt

5. Daniel Descasy


7. Nick Amide guerrilla

8. Alex-Avila catcher

9. Patrick- Corbin Pitcher

Colorado Squad:

1. Charlie-Blackmont Chinese and foreign wilder

2.DJ-Le Mei Xiangshi

3. Nalan – Arena 3rd

4. Matt – Holedi left outer wilder

5. Ian – Daysmond

6. Chris Aneneta Catcher

7. David-Dar’s right outside

8. Galert – Hampton guerrilla

9. Antonio-Senztera pitcher

[Next prospect]

The two teams came to the third game. This venue sent Kelly-Fritan, 15 wins and 7 losses in the season, the total score rate, the overall score is quite good, and even enter the potential candidate of the National League. . The last first first sent a road, 6.2 bureau only lost 2 points, and made a pitcher battle with Dodge King Card Xiao, but the team finally regretted. The snake is turned to Zach – Gudley, this season is 14 wins and 10 losses 4.79 self-blame rate. In the past three, the first sent a bleak score, 0 wins and 3 negative in 12.2 bureau high reached 9.24’s self-sharing rate, 12 times were accompanied by 10 guarantees, and the last battle of space 3.2 lost 5 points. From the performance of the pitcher, the downturn of the snake team can be reflected in the downturn and performance.