MLB on "Dark Door" showed the leader of the oversized penalty space

Beijing time January 14th (text / ESPN JEFF Passan Compile / Draskar) In the early morning, the Alliance announced about the punishment of the Houston spaceman “dark door”, and then the boss of the spaceman Jim Kim Kmland announced that the release of this scandalThe team general manager Jeff – Luno and the main coach AJ-cousin position.

In the survey, the Alliance has been confirmed from 2017, including the playoffs for the World Championship, including some of the game of the 2018 season, and space people use the camera-based stealing system to profit, Luno and Cousch is thus banned for 1 year. The space of the Spaceman immediately made a decision of two people.

Krand said: “They are not the initiator of this scandal, but they are not moving. We need to wash your heart and we can continue to advance.” But Cland believes that the team’s championship in 2017 is still “clean”. After the two people were dismissed, Cran did not give the timetable for looking for the take.

In addition to the ticket for the management of space people, the league also decided to cancel the two-wheeled videos of the 2020 and 2021 Sales space people, and the ball will also be fined $ 5 million, which is the maximum amount specified in the relevant penalty. At the same time, the Alliance also mentioned in the statement that once Luno or Singge future “there will be any major violations”, they will be included in the league to participate in the league business.

This penalty did not involve the current head of the current Boston Red Socks – Corla. As the 2017 Spaceman’s bench coach, he directly participated in stealing plan. The Alliance will have a similar strict penalty for Colas after the end of the 2018 red stocking illegal use of video playback room.

Although the length of the 9-page survey report mentioned that the whole piece of “dark door” from stealing the darkness to the trash can pass the secret number “player spontaneous” behavior, but the generals of the League Robman Manfrad did not At that time, the players made any penalties – including the players at the time, now served as the New York Metropolitan Coach Carlos – Belchuan. Manfred believes that the punishment of individual players involve Takura, “In view of the reality of players and many players have been effective, the relevant punishments have not operability.” Most of the Belchuan is not asserted.

Kran said that the player will not be punished due to the “dark sign”. After investigation, the Alliance believed that Kran did not know anything about the violation of the team. After the punishment decision was announced, Luno also published a statement. He assumed the “dark sign” in his leadership responsibility, but he insisted that he did not “cheating”.

“I don’t know that such a behavior has been violated … The idea of ??stealing is not the management layer; the behavior such as knocking the trash can also be a player, and the tips from the video are the team bench coach. Practice. I am very disappointed that I didn’t get any related messages before. If I know, I will definitely stop such a behavior. “

Simic today also made a statement, assumed the relevant responsibility and apologize to everyone. apologize.”

Although Luno and Cognoche did not participate directly in the “secret door”, Singge also tried to destroy the key equipment in the “dark door”, but the generals president still gave them the final ticket in history. Luno and Cson will be banned to the next day after the 2020 season World Competition.

Manfred believes that “the baseball operation management and the owner on the field have failed to detect the violations under the hand, and did not establish a team culture of the law inside the team, and two people did not occur during violations. One time stop “.

Manfred also mentioned on September 15, 2017 for the record of red stocking illegal electronic equipment. In that punishment, he mentioned that there will be a similar mistake in the future, and they will be punished more severely. The punishment of this space man is much more than the red stockings in the year.

Manfred wrote in the statement: The whole “dark door” begins in 2017, and the pattern is constantly refurbished throughout the season. According to the survey report, the initial Cola only arranged video players to crack the secret of the opponent cracked by the camera, and transferred the information back to the campaign in the form of a phone or SMS. Employees have a monitors in the Space Man’s tension, which can see the picture of the Chinese and foreign wild camera. “After the players see the real-time image, they will transmit the signal to the player in the form of tapping the trash can. At first, the player was clambles, whistling or shouting as a secret, but after practicing them, they found that the effect of knocking the trash can was best.

The form of knocking the trash can ends before the start of the 2018 season, but “at least part of the 2018 season, the spaceman’s video playback staff continues to use the signal provided by the real-time Chinese foreign video camera to crack the secret number, and communicate the message in the way in the way. Substate. “In the 2018 season, such an attempt to abruptly stop because the player believes that such a form is minimal.

The spaceman did not expect the first pitcher

The spaceman did not expect the first pitcher “anti-water” to explode

The investigation did not find any violations of the 2019 season space, this matter is after the 2019 World Competition, the former space man pitcher Mike Fair is revealed to the media and triggered an unreasonable large wave. Due to this penalty, there is no player in this punishment, and the Spaceman is still a popular team of the World Competition. At present, their odds and Los Angeles Road is flat, only behind New York Yangji.

At the same time, the Alliance also announced the punishment decision for Brandon-Tao Bamman against the HKS Assistant General Manager. After the end of the Federation Championship last year, he was dismissed by space people because of the improper remarks of female reporters. Tao Bamman was put in the list of alliances, and of course he can make re-duty requests to President after this year’s World Competition. After the re-duty, he will have a violation of the rules, it will be banned by life.

In the survey of Tao Bamman incident, Manfred pointed out that the spaceman’s baseball operation department has a big question: “Although no one can question the baseball operations under Luno leadership in the data analysis field, but I am very clear, there is a big problem with the relationship between the department, and other teams, media, and external stakeholders. It is the environment of the team’s operational department to breed the violation behavior of the ‘wonderful door. “