MLB National Federation Macchao Negative Runner Cautions Deadly

The second battle of the National Union Champion Series, Los Angeles Dodge is a guest of the guests. The competition was conducted to the fourth game, and the two sides were still intertwined, and there were no one in the four bureaus of the four games. Manny Machado hit the negative running Both assassinated.

Wade Miley, Wade Miley, at the beginning of the three bad balls, and Machado did not let the fourth goal of Milly. He hits Milly to the combination of the three base and guerrillas, and the fans of the fans saw the winemaker ‘s guerrilla. After the Orlando Arcia moved to the position, he paused After the preparation, jump to the leader to complete the block. Obviously, there is no effort when the Macha has a hard work, so the Aresia has sufficient preparation time to complete this pass.

Not surprising, Machado will suffer media criticism because of this move. However, the team head coach Dave Roberts said in an interview with official website report that he would not punish the star player in the process of impacting the team to the World Competition. Roberts said: “His contribution to the team’s winning, I see it in the eyes. I think there is no need to go online. Some people think this is a problem.” I am crazy, I will run so. ” fierce. “So I saw someone else and he didn’t see it. I think Machado’s performance did not live with the trust of the team.” Roberts added, “there is no perfect player in the world. You are hard to find a The bureau all went all the best. Reality, I don’t even get close to this standard, “

The last four-game Dodge of the National Union Championship defeated a winemaker in 4 to 3, and Ma Xiko has contributed to the victory of the team to a certain extent. Half of the seven games rely on the branch of the team in the upper half of the team and ran back to the team. The first Maxo of the National Union Championship has played a total of 2 安 安 – A hair spring gun and a 2-point hits of a 2-point beaten – this rancher’s 6 attack index has reached 0.909.

For older players and fans, the hustle and bustle is a huge problem, but Roberts show that the new school does not pay attention to the hustle and bustle. And there is a sufficient reason – almost all time, the hustle and bustle will not be active. To use poker terms, the hustle and bustle of each game are negative EVs. Sometimes, the Nimah is standing on the side of the bearer – such as hitting speed and location – he has one percent of the opportunity or leaning against the opponent’s crosses, or ran out of a wild security. However, for other 99% of the boy, the hierarchy does not make sense, and if the luck is not good, Macha will hurt. Like strap, it is still good, and more serious, it will sprain the cross ligament, and even baked.

We can’t know that Maxo thinks, but his heart must have such an abacus: Once the playoffs end, he will become a free player. If he is hurting the legs because of running, he will naturally have some chips on the negotiating table. The big contract he sign in will shrink millions of dollars. For normal people, we have reason to say that “Your contract has already takes hundreds of millions, is it more than $ 2,000?” But if I am Macha, I think about a injury will make me this money. I will be careful even in the playoffs, even in the playoffs.