MLB logo Silhouette prototype? Not being confirmed with NBA and hosted

The MLB Vocational Rod Alliance in the new season officially opened the battlefield today, so that MLB officially released the 150th anniversary of the new version of LOGO, the main body, still along the silhouette of the MLB original sign.

Talking about the story of MLB LOGO, there is an interesting topic, according to the folk saying, this silhouette is the prototype Fame Player Harmon-Kirleybru, but the MLB official is never recognized. What is the reason behind this?

MLB official new version of LOGO

MLB official new version of LOGO

MLB logo design history

MLB’s symbols were designed by Designer Jerry Dior in 1968, starting from the 1969 season began to use the mlb player’s stadium.

According to Dior memories, the MLB logo is designed in an afternoon. Regarding this design, the people generally believe that the silhouette of the famous member Harmon-Kirgobru, but Dio said to be a photo of a number of players. The reason why chooses this silhouette because it is difficult to say who’s prototype, because this bellier may be a right hand, and it may be a left hand, and even what kind of ethnic is difficult to identify.

In fact, Harnes-Kirgobru and MLB logo are completely consistent

In fact, Harnes-Kirgobru and MLB logo are completely consistent

The logo has been widely recognized, and has never been replaced, except for some teams to transform the color to match the style of the jersey.

Since the MLB flag application, the athletes are based on the red-blue design style, NBA, MLB small alliance, WNBA, indoor football, American figure skating, Canadian Ice Hockey, PGA, Hockey League, Indian Racing Union These logo design styles are accepted.

Who is MLB LOGO?

Harmon-Kiribru, born in 1936, nicknamed killer, position, three base, leftow wilder. Its 22-year-old career is effective in the double city of Minnesota.

Kiribu is a strong fighting hand of war, the home running, the number of homes, the number of high-ranks, and selected the baseball celebrities in 1984.



He is a short-lived baseball hand. He is not outstanding at the 1 meter 8, and the weight of 97 kilograms makes him look strong. His waving has great destructive power, which is the 1960s. One of the players who have the most opponents, and the career has been hit by more than 40 homes. Kirleybru’s strongest season contributed 49 bangs, 140 times, and won the most valuable player award in Madi. He has a total of 13 times in his career.

Kirleybru’s home base is unscrupulous, and he hits the 58-meter home run at the home of the double city. At the same time, only four of the four people can fight the home base to the Detroit Tiger. The team on the top of the left outer field of the team. Although there is a very explosive stadium, Kielebru is a quiet, harmonious man in the eyes of the teammates. When he was asked with business hobbies, his answer was amazing: “It is to wash the plate, I guess.”

In 2011, Kiribru was died of esophageal cancer and was 74 years old.

Why has the silhouette that has been controversial?

In life, Kiribru said that he is indeed a source of inspiration for the MLB logo. He has taken out the double city team 1963 as an example. On the cover of the Shuangcheng 1963 book, Kiribru’s waving posture is completely consistent with the MLB mark.

In order to further prove the correct point of view, Kiribru also recalled the past in the year: “One day in the 1960s, I happened to the office of the League, at the time of the office, there was a male sitting Table. His that there is a photo of my blow, there is a common hand drawing on the newspaper. Does he want to combine the two together, he expresses the design of the big alliance sign. I don’t think too much. Then logo I have been here, I am very similar to me. “

“The only change is the angle of vowel, and they make changes to more catering the sign.”

Kirleybru did not ask the name of the designer and did not confirm whether the flag at the time was based on his image. He has never sought any form of compensation or portrait to the alliance for this matter.

Dior Dior Dior, Dior, who said: “I have never been to the president’s office. I hope that I am using Kiribru’s silhouette, that is great. But the whole process of my design logo is In the office of our company. “Is there a possibility that Dior is used in the photo of the design logo in Kielesbru? “There may be, but it is not just after the design, because I am looking for inspiration in multiple pictures. I hope that I can say that it is Harmon, but I can’t say it.”

How do Kielebru responded to Dior designer? “I don’t know, I only know what I saw. I don’t want to say that I don’t believe in Dior, that is too long ago, maybe his memory is not very good.”

“Harmon-Kirgobru’s statement has been a long time, so I think this saying that the law will continue.” Dior said, “I don’t mind. In fact, this kind is very good.”

NBA is also encountered in this issue

In 1969, the designer responsible for designing NBA logo, Alan-Xiger deliberately designed the NBA logo as the same style after reviewing the MLB logo of Dior, because the NBA President Walter – Kennedy hopes that NBA and MLB maintain a kind of audience Intimate relationship.

However, in fact, NBA’s symbols also exist of silhouettes, 1969, NBA is competing with ABA, hoping to express their uniqueness through the design.

Designer Xihel looks for a silhouette prototype according to the road of MLB logo, and the sports magazine is a good source. A total of all star Jerry Vest has caused his attention. This photo is very dynamic, and the characters are vertical, reflecting the essence of basketball.

However, NBA does not want to admit Jerry West is a logo prototype, as a dead flour of basketball, and Xi Gell believes that he knows the reasons. “They want to institutionalize their institutions ratherning. NBA logo has become popular, becoming a classic, representing the specialty of this sport, forming a business-filled thing, they don’t want to contact someone together.”

The former NBA President Stern Sten said that when the relationship between Wester and NBA logo, he didn’t know whether Wester is a LOGO prototype. “There is no record here.” NBA spokesman Tim Frank is attached.

“I hope that I will never give me a conclusion.” The Los Angeles Lakers said, “I really think so. I have said this, that is, I am flattering with me, I know that is me, But that is flattering. “

“As far as I personally spend, I played in an era of NBA market. They have considered 5 logo candidates, until the president Walter – Kennedy told me this, I only know.”

Although the two LOGO men have not received the official recognition of the alliance,
Weaset has received dual recognition of the designer and time compared to the President of Jielbru. If Kiribu can have such a treatment, I believe that his spirit is in peace.