MLB – first spending a single bureau even three points fatal Yangji suffered from changing the time

On October 10, Beijing, the fourth game of the United States of America, the United States, the United States, and the main scene of New York Yangji took 3-4 defeated Boston socks. In this way, Boston Red Socks have been eliminated in New York Yangji to advance the Melan Championship.

The explanation of the guest Chen Hui’s comment CC-Sabsia has problems in the third game, and the Single Council is very deadly and questioned, the Yangji exchange is a bit late. After the game, Zhigagorian Championship is more optimistic about the winemaker, and look forward to The Meidian Championship was able to fight seven in Spaceman and Red Socks.

Woit is a wonderful hydratrical completion of the block

Yangji arranged in the first half of the first game, CC-Sabasia served as a first-blown pitcher, first got the ball to send Muqi-Bates out, and then Luke – Woiit faced Andrew-Benetine Slightenment completes the blocking, explaining that the guest Chen Hui frankly the weight of Woit selection of the Slim Structure is smart. Otherwise, Steve Pierce knocked out the cc-Shabiese variant.

Red socks use Grace-Torres to get a series of JD-Martinens, Zanded Bocood, Sabsia, four bad balls, ushered in the Sabsia four-bad balls, Yan-Kesler is also knocking out The solid hit in the left outer field, but unfortunately, it was killed by Bret Kadner, letting red socks regret to leave the restriction of the base, but also let the base fans pick up a breath.

Red Socks In the second half of the first half, Kito Puslo is served as the first pitcher, with the killing Alon Hicks high-speed ball, blocked Alon-Jiaqi rolling ball, Zi Zhen Didi-Gregouri completed Deuts, the host, the cow, silver, praised the Poemlo’s hot and complete the half-bureau. Edward Du Nounes hit the first shot at the 2nd game, and the high-speed ball was successfully killed by Alon Jiaqi.

Walker knocked on the first place in the post

Jieky-Bradley was passed by the four bad balls after San Zhen, and the cow and silver blustered Sizzazia was quite hard after two out of the game. Chen Hui is full of confidence in Yangji. The wheel got a full rest, and the red stockings broke down due to Bates high flying ball Alon Jiaqi. Jankolo Stanton and Luke – Woiit are in the second half of the second place.

Chen Hui reveaver Walker, Walker, Duhar entered the starting lineup, Yangji fans, cockroach, Di Duhar, did not perform well, and introduced Walker’s bellier. Immediately, it is facing Polylojo’s first security in the playoffs, but unfortunately, Qi-Sangche is the same, so that Posol is continuously completed two three times.

Sabasia did not support 3 games

Sabasia did not support 3 games

Sabasia three-game half

Benineti was sent to the base in the first half of the third game, and sent the three bases through Pierce knocking out, let the red socks ushered in no one, a good situation, Chen Hui Sabasia is not ideal for high-angle high balls. JD-Martinez flying sacrifice to send red socks first 1 point, Pierce pushed into the three-base strike through Bocgatz.

Chen Hui directly refers to the ball of Yangji, Sanchez is a bit unhappy. With the red socks, the second base is knocking out of the second base to let Pierce return home base, and then Nounez forms a series of series and then send Square. Expand to 3-0, Chen Hui straightly Shatbasi-controlled ball has problems, sending too many inner-angle high balls to be seized by red socks, and individuals think that Yangji exchange opportunities are some nights, good to get through the ground Radley out.

Yangji replacement left vote is sombrer

Polylo is in the second half of the third place to resolve the drop of Gerber-Torres, Brett-Kadner and Alon Hicks, which is also a semi-bureau to complete three. Yangji’s first half of the 4th game to replace Legouzak-Brilton, the result is that it is tapping the Yangchun gun by Watzkz to 0-4, and the cow and silver swayed this is a typical Yangji Base, Chen Hui is suspected in other venues.

Brilton continuously Subbits and Benecondys, blocked Piercen rolling balls, Chen Hui point commended the base change, but it was still can’t be damaged. Alon Jiaqi knocked out the high flying ball in the fourth place to kills by Bates, Gregion is knocking out and rushed all the way, and Chen Hui Yan Stanton knocked out the flat flipball. Threat, Unfortunately, hit the bar to form the ground, but let Gregion will advance to the third base, but Woit is still the ground to leave a restriction.

Yangji with high flying sacrifice

JD-Martinez was blocked out in the 5th game, although the red socks were hitting successfully in Bug Gugz, Jinsler was out of the bureau, and Nounez high flying ball was taken by Alon – Jia Qi killed left a restriction. The second half of Yangji’s 5th Bureau passed Sanchez Base, and Torres ushered in series, Dagadner Gaofei sacrificed to promote Sanchez ran back to the home base to help the base below 1-4.

Chen Hui’s comment on the case of knocking out of the world’s external risk cost, but the waving is to form a series of peaceful as Jiaqi created opportunities, but Niu Yinzhao’s commencement in the second half of the 5th game, Chen Hui is looking forward to the two sides will launch a cowshed car wheel. Although the Yangji cattle is more famous, the reddock will be stronger from the data. After all, the team’s self-blanking rate ranked fourth.

Pierce sways halfway in the world

Yangji sends the second half of the 6th game to change the David Robertson, and the Bradley is blocked by the ground, and the three consecutive vibrants and Bates are successful. The three pitchers were the only three shorters of the three seconds and half of the game. Red Socks In the second half of the 6th game, Matt Barnes, Alon Jaqi knocked out the earth in the world, and Graygus and Stanton were the same as letting Yangji still Legal 3 points.

Benneuti is in the 7th game, it is the same by Robertson, and Chen Hui introduced Pierce who stabilized the five-haired home base in the face of Yangji ten games. Unfortunately, in the total number of times, the criminal trial is a bureau. . Since the four-ring ball guarantees the JD-Martinnes homework, I choose to change Trin-Betans, the result is that the traces make Martinens to the second base, so they solve the Buggatz by the ground.

Yangji Catcher is suspended three times in a half

Red stockings in the second half of the 7th game, Ryan-Brabith, Woiit knocked out the left outer wild outside, was completed by Bates, and the cow and silver swayed Walker was the best one of the Yangji strike. Bit, but unfortunately by the Brabith San Zhen, Sanchez knocked out the high-speed ball was killed, and the bullion of the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer.

Kingsler was in the 8th game, but the Nounez knocked out the world in the world, and Chen Hui was in the face of the old Dong’s home without softness. It is not enough to give up. Bradley has a good time to help red socks in the first basement of Woiit, and the Yanji Catcher will be suspended three times in this semi-bureau. But directly to the Benz forming a crisis, and successful San Zhenberty is out.

The red socks selection change in the 8th game for CHRIS Sel, Chen Hui released the Yangji killer as the first-hand pitcher pressed the line data outstanding, and killed Torres to the replacement Gardner’s generation of Andrew-wheat Calicon land is blocked, and Niu Yinyi praised Zelsell through the unfoliated split three vibrate Hicks, Chen Hui added to Selle just 13 balls to complete this half-plane.

Scorpion Wang Jinbreier fell into the hit

Scorpion Wang Jinbreier fell into the hit

Yangji chasing two points challenge failed out

Yangji selection in the 9th game and changed Aroad, Chapman, and successively killed the Pierce high-speed ball, blocked JD-Martinez, without a drop. Red stockings in the middle of the 9th game, Clee-Gold Breil, four bad balls to keep Alon – Jiaqi and was knocking out by Gregour, and the first and second rough, Chen Hui’s commentator was quasi It was brought to the critical moment of the playoffs.

Woit was sent by the golden Bundle’s four bad balls to let the foundation to get a person, the good situation, Walker is hit by Jinbrell’s tentaret, Yangji with Alon Jiaqi walking Back to the bacterium and Sanchez flying sacrifice to connect 2 minutes to share the red stockings to 3-4. However, Since Torres hits it, it is blocked by the eagle eye, and the reddings will be successfully promoted to the Meeting Championship. Chen Hui Qiang Guo-ILF Championship is more optimistic about winemaking, and I opposing the meeting of the Meet Champions.