MLB-Central Word Performance Lowstake Sports Home 3-4 Repair Sailor by Sanliang

On May 15th, Beijing time, Seattle Sailor continued to meet the opponent’s Auckland sportsman at home. Yesterday’s competition sailor wins in the last half, I hope to continue the winning momentum. In this game, the sailor first knocked out two home runs, and the sportsist has been chasing the situation. In the end, although the sportsist will be divided into nature than 1 point, but still can’t win the victory, the scene is renovating the sailor, encounters three losses.

[Data Highlight]

In terms of sailors, Harnig two-sided will receive 2 points, Wogerbuck, Beckham contributes home to play.

[Competition process]

The first bureau has a smooth spent, and there is no score. In the second half of the second place, Walgerbucks, the first stick, took the lead, Yangchun cannon helped the sailor to lead, this is the 11th of his season. After Sili and Bruce, Beckham knocked out the second home base of this Council, and the high-flying home base of the right foreign country will take 2 points lead, 0-2.

The next three games will be very fast, and the pitcher has played good, firmly controls the situation. Until the first half of the fifth game, Leak faced the sight behind the sports home, and saved La Razzo, and was knocked out of the Baseball with Grosman, and then the Baker Ham passed the mistake to get the opponent’s score, and lost it. 2 points, the score came to the order, 2-2.

The second half, JP-Crawford is selected from the four bad balls, and Harny immediately hits two homes and hits, and when he comes to the 11th of the season, he helps the team lead again, 2-4 .

In the seventh place, the second base of Piscoti was hit, and Grossman knocked out a hit, teammates ran back home score, sports home reduced the difference, 3-4. Subsequently, PhiGli and Ximeie are also in the field, but after the debut of Elias, the three vibrates Pingdel and resolved the crisis that continued to lose.

In the first half of the ninth game, I was still in Elias. When I was out of place, Gordon had a gaze, so that the sportswate captured a two-line system; but the Fife’s crucial moment hit a double kill In an instant, the sailor has relieved the dangerous situation, and finally the sportsist once again lost his opponent and encountered a mini series.

[Two sides starting]

Seattle Sailor Team:

1. Mickey – Hanger Chinese and foreign wilder

2. Domingo – Santana left outer wilder

3. Edwin – Enterte

4. Dan-Walbak designated hits

5. Leon – Sili 3rd base

6. Jay – Bruce right wilder

7. Tim – Beckham two base

8. Tom – Murphy Catcher – Crawford guerrilla

Mike Leick Pitcher

Auckland Sports Family:

1. Marcus Si Men guerrilla

2. Jerexon-Propa 2rd base

3. Matt Chapman

4. Chris Davis designated blow

5. Matt – Olsen

6. Stephen – Piscoti right outside

7. Raun – Laareno Chinese and foreign wilder

8. Robie-Grossman’s left outer wilder

9. Jose – Philiry Catcher

Bretit Anderson Pitcher

[Next prospect]

At the end of the two teams, the next day came to the rest day, the sportsist will go to the Detroit challenge the tiger team. The game sportsman will send Chris Brazil, 1 win 1 loss 2.55 self-blade rate, 4 preliminary two games, at least 7 games, only lost 6 points, but due to this year’s sportsman The weakness is weak, only 1 winning investment, and the Brazilian special proceeds have been lost 3 points, which has declined by the state in April.

The sailor continued at home to meet Mingnesota Shuangcheng, the sailor sent Eric Sandson as a first-hand pitcher, 1 win 4 losses 6.35 self-blade rate, this 25-year-old newcomer is instead of injured Lebrack, A pair of red socks only voted for 4.2, lost 7 points, the only victory was against the Indians, and the 6 game did not lose.