MLB-Bille looks back to the hand, high quality first Daoqi home 5-3 victory

Dodge is home to victory

Dodge is home to victory

On May 7th, the United States, the American Warrior, the United States Warrior, Atlanta Warriors, challenged the leader of the country West District, Los Angeles, Daoqi, Bingle, the hand of the 2nd year, 7 losses, 3 points, high-quality first, plus the line opening, give adequate The fire support, plus the cowshed will be strictly guarded, and the final Dodge team will defeat the Atlanta Warriors at 5-3, and continue to fierce in the National United States.

Data highlight:

Warrior: Freman 4 playing 1 home run 2 points, Malkgis 4 playing 1 home run

Dodge Team: Turner 4 Tit 2 Anwort 1 Score, Sig 3 Tit 1 Anwang 1 Score 1 Totto, Taylor 4 Tit 2 Playing 2 Type 1 Pirate, Bingle Seven Lost 3 points 8 times

Competition review:

At the Tour of the Atlanta Warriors, 10 consenscing the trip to Los Angeles, the Dodge will send last year’s national alliance newcomer, the third place, the Walker Buehler, and the warrior is only cast 1.2 bureau because of the previous one. A Kevin Gausman, who is close to the main trial. Compared with the ghosts and gods, the season is more unstable this season, and the 5.22 self-blade rate is divided into this year’s pressure loss with each game of 1.193. Compared with the Bisman, Gaussman’s 5.00 self-blade is not well until there is a relatively unstable one in the wheel value of the Warriors.

On the opening of the game, the landlord has shown why they will be in the high competitive national alliance, the first half of the https://www.maillotspascherfr.comfirst half, with the other party’s mistakes, and then rely on the core of the corey seager. Bell Bellinger, Bellinger, alert. The second half of the second game rely on the Warriors to catch McAn, and the second half of the three games, the second half of the three games is relying on Taylor’s timely, and then the Justin Turner, then dimension Gao Fei sacrificed in Durgo, and then next city, the score at this time came to 4-0. After the second half of the five games lost the fifth, the Dodge team took the good Gaussan to deal with Gaussan, but it did not continue to add scores in the case of the base.

Compared to opposite Gaussman, Bille seems to find a fierce last year, and the first five games sent 8 three vibrators did not lose any score, but the sixth game he met a chaotic flow, was played by the Warriors. Freddie Freeman hits the large number of home runs, let the Warriors chase two points a little, and the 6th game is divided into 5-2 Dodge lead. Bingle was hit by Mark Markikas by Markikikas and finally lost 3 points to the 7th game. After that, the cowshed people took turns, and did not let the Warriors let the Warriors and the Tong Tong, and the end of the game is open, 5-3 laughing game victory.

Both parties:

Atlanta Warrior

The first stick is Oz-Elbies (Ozzie Albies)

The second stick of three bases, Josh Donaldson

Third stick, Based, Freddy, FREDIE,

The fourth stick left outer wilder Lord Ronald Acuna Jr.

The fifth rod right wilder Nick – Nick Markakis

Sixth Battleman Dansby – Swansen (Dansby Swanson)

Seventh stick Catcher Brian McCann

Eighth rods in the wild handle Edel – due to Ender InciRTE

Ninth stick,
Kevin Gausman

Los Angeles Dodge Team

First stick left outer wilder Joc Pederson

Second Bar Triel Justine – Turner (Justin Turner)

Third stick right outside wilder Cody – Bell Bellinger

Fourth Bar Guardi – Corey Seager

Fifth stick, MACOS – MAX MUNCY

Sixth Bar Two Based Chris Taylor

Seventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder Alex Verdugo

Eighth sticks arrested Ostdom – Barnes (Austin Barnes)

Ninth Bar Pitcher Walker – Brell (Walker Buehler)

Looking tomorrow:

At the same time will be the second game of the Warriors Dodge Series tomorrow, the Atlanta Warriors will send this season to Fried, and Los Angeles Daoqi will be sent by Han Zuo Zuo Xian Zhen Zhen. Fried This season is a medium-sized pillar of the Warriors. After joining the first round value, it is good, the first two games are even more guaranteed, and the total number of self-blame points of the season 2.11 shows his Pressure. Liu Xianzhen does not make more, this season has not lost more than 2 points. At present, it is more than 0.5 to protect the leading alliance every nine games, and the settlement 2.55’s self-blame does not lose to Fried. The left vote will be very exciting tomorrow!