MLB allows signing Cuban baseball players to draw a group?

MLB (Major League Baseball America) dropped a heavy news.

December 20, after MLB, Major League Players Association, and the Association of Cuban baseball multiparty negotiation. Three parties finally reached an agreement to allow Cuban American MLB Major League players signed. This means that the Cuban players will no longer need to illegal means to get a chance in MLB effectiveness.

In 1961, Cuba announced professional sports contracts illegal, then the ban was caused by a piece of paper is not exhausted before the Cuban sports. Now, Cuban sports will probably embark on a new path.

Baseball is Cuba’s national sport.

Cuban players fairly got the

During the long years, in order to raise the level to participate in high-level professional events, illegal immigration to the United States to become the choice of many sports stars Cuba, which has become Cuba’s sports unavoidable pain.

Baseball is Cuba’s national sport, the Olympics Cuban baseball team’s performance even better than the United States, the player agent Domingo, said:. “These people (Cuban baseball player) to the American Baseball League will be very popular.”

According to statistics of the US Major League, it has been more than 200 Cuban-born players on stage,
including some “defectors”, in addition to the powerful left-hander Chapman, most notably outfielder Eunice 赛斯佩德斯.

But the United States labor laws for Cuban labor recruitment have many limitations, who in 2011 came to US baseball player took a year to get right of abode in the Dominican Republic, this has a major league team is willing to extend an invitation.

Dominica and neighboring countries have more than 1,000 people have been compared to the American professional baseball team signing, all the way from Cuba for many years the real poise until the players get qualified, but dozens of people.

There was a time player agent Domingo squatting big prison in California on charges of smuggling athletes. And one called Juan travel to Cuba because of US brokers to persuade baseball to flee, was sentenced to 15 years in prison by the Cuban authorities.


Illegal immigration to the United States professional boxing champion

In Las Vegas, Gamboa dress up like stars as thick necklace wrapped around his neck, wore a huge diamond ring, his followers up to 50 people, which is Qianhuhouyong …… professional boxing champion proper treatment.

But the time to push forward 14 years, Gamboa’s identity or a Cuban amateur boxer, but he made a boxing gold medal in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Since Cuba prohibit their boxers to participate in professional boxing matches that they should win a medal for the country, rather than to earn personal wealth, Ever since, the United States became illegal immigration Gamboa choice.

5 gold medalist at the 2004 Athens Olympics now only Kindelan still remain in the country, no professional boxing matches to play so that he can only choose to retire after the Games.

According to “Sports Illustrated” reported in the Cuban capital Havana, smuggling had become a well-known business.

With boats, the trip can be more than 20 smugglers of illegal immigrants strangers from Cuba to the closest Mexican resort of Cancun, where a lot of these illegal immigrants is the athlete, they can go to Mexico was removed after the United States, baseball player and boxers make up the majority.

Gamboa said: “You must not be considered smugglers, otherwise smuggling fee will rise, an amateur boxing champion ‘freight’ will be more than 15 times higher than an ordinary Cubans.” But in order to go over big money professional sports most people will swallow.

Cuban women’s volleyball team has no past glory.

Cuban women’s volleyball team falls apart

In Cuba, many athletes have abroad use the occasion to play the game disappeared.

According to Xinhua News Agency reported that the 2008 Olympic football qualifier in Florida conducted, seven Cuban players suddenly disappear, the coach can only send 10-man starting lineup; in 2007, two-time Olympic boxing gold medalist at the Pan-Ortiz Miami United States during the Games stranded ……

Cuba was once the world women’s volleyball powerhouse row of the altar, but missed the London Olympics. And the 2012 Olympics held in Japan losing season, the Cuban women’s volleyball choose to abstain, in addition to financial problems, the core team 卡尔卡赛斯 because the “alleged defection” is isolated.

A year ago the Cuban women’s volleyball team lost for the same reason FuGongShou Miguel Sanchez and Clay setter, while the backbone of the team Aguero marrying Italy, small Calderon marrying Russian ……

“Awash in making profits, all kinds of favors fall, drugs, narcotics and consumerism in the knees of defectors, less than one-tenth of the Cuban athletes.” Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro had a column in the government network He wrote the article, but increasingly turbulent tide of athlete fled Castro himself must intervene to make the matter.

To participate in the Pan American Games in Brazil in the hands of the Cuban boxing Gondor and Lara had the opportunity to visit the discotheque by trying to escape, because ultimately Castro personally investigation, two boxers unbearable pressure to give up. Back home they no accident was banned, in order to make ends meet, the two champion boxers and even sold his gold medal.

Then in Gondor trying to get a dialogue with Castro, after no news, Lara and in Gondor choose to flee again.

Diplomatic break the ice, it hurts Cuban sports farewell

But soon came the turning point. December 18, 2014, the United States and Cuban leader also announced: ready to resume interrupted 53 years of diplomatic relations.

Political means to break the ice of estrangement and antagonism between the two countries in various fields will gradually fade, although the United States is still the ancient relationship ups and downs, but harmonious communication on Cuba and the United States than politics sports exchange came earlier.

In July 2000, the two countries signed a sports cooperation agreement aimed at strengthening bilateral exchanges in sports terms. By the year 2012, in Havana, Cuba and the United States baseball team conducted a series of friendlies, this is the first time since 1996 ……

Subsequently, in addition to baseball diplomacy, diplomacy basketball, soccer diplomacy and so on sports diplomacy between the United States and has staged in the ancient two countries.

2015 NBA training camp moved into Cuba; in June 2016, O’Neal also visited the United States as a sports ambassador in Havana.

Perhaps, when fused with the Cuban Sports deepening American professional sports, this is the “defection boom” when the full stop.