MLB-7: 45 video live winemaker vs Red rickets National Union Central District Tianwangshan battle

Beijing time on August 21st, 7:45, the Milwaukee wineman in Guoxi Central District challenged the San Louis Hands of the same zone in the passenger plane, which is the second game of the competition, the first game, the first game, 3-0 Winning. Will live a live video on this game, welcome fans to watch:

[Battle Review]

The Milwaukee Sprong team was in the World Competition last season, but in the National Union Championship, it was defeated to the Los Angeles Dodge. This season’s wine troops Johnshan, but the two strong brigades and bearings in the country are not allowed. The three teams differ very little, and the partition civil war is the best opportunity to make big or narrow the gap. At present, the Milwaukee’s wine troops are divided into 64 wins and 61. The first Shengluos’ patriarchal is only 3 games, and the second Zhigago Cabin team (66 wins and 58 losses) and the Shengluus Hashque (66 wins 57 ) Is only 0.5 fields.

The Milwaukee Silver Strong team was hit by the 19th game before the Battle of the Battle of War, and the Great League had such a team of two defeated teams or the Miami Marka, 2015. Silvere team history is to be traced back to 2007.

The last series of St. Louis Heroes and the 4 games of the Red Squad, 2 games have been 18 points, and 2 failed have only 2 points. The red ramp scored 2.35 points in all the defeats and ranked 29 in the large alliance.

[Game points]

The War of the War and the Red Squad Partition is a winner, and there is a difference in the difference, while the wingdiance team who will be around the shore will be implicated by the records of the two sides. The battle of the Three Kingdoms, only one team can live in the same place in the identity of the partition, and the final defeated team can only struggle to compete.

In the Central District of Guoxi, the venue is Tianwangshan.

[First, Pitcher]

The Milwaukee Wine is first pitcher: Gio Gonzalez (2-1, self-sharing rate 3.81, three vibration 47 times). For the game of Gonzalez, the game is concerned about how long he can persist. Zuo Shigang Sarez did not exceed 5 games in the past three games, and only once this season represents the 11th game of the wineman team first investment in the 7th.

The St. Louis Hashque is first pitcher: Michael – Waccar (6-6, self-sharing rate 5.44, three vibration 75 times). Wagka is the first round of the first round of the 2012 Raffles, and now, with the 5th game of the fight against the battle. Wache Battle Silver Silver Silver Strong Strong Score is only 2.25, and the two games have been lost 3 points.

[Focus Star]

The St. Louis’s Paul’s Paul Gold Schmidt hit 12 pieces after the All-Star game, the country ranked 4th, 31 points, and the 31st group, the country ranked 3rd, and before the all-star game, Gold Schmidt hits 16 strokes, and the National Federation ranked 33rd, 38 points, and the 63rd place ranked 63rd.