Merfeld continuously apart from the three-year-old royal family wants to go out of ten losing haze

Kansas Emperor Wild Well-Witt-Merfield’s continuous security scene was officially planned today, and 31 consecutive place have become a record of the royal team. After the end of the game, he expressed his sincere gratitude to the support and encouragement of the individual social media.

Merfield hits 6 times in the game in the game today, and it has also caused 4 restrictions by three vibrations. Merfield did not help the team to contribute, and the refinement of Kansas is also lost to Seattle sailor with 6-7.

The 31 consecutive royal team history record has been completed in the 8th game. At that time, the royal team was 6-4 leader, Merfield played weak high-speed balls and was killed, and the auditorium broke out of the applause.

Just like it is the same opportunity to Merfield, the Royal Terminator Brad – Boxberg fell two points in the ninth bureau. The race of the royal team is also very “powerful”, and there is no score, and the game came to the 10th Council.

Merfield continued its own opportunity to continue to operate, but he did not grasp the opportunity to be tragic.

Although the continuous security site is stayed
in 31, Merfield is still successfully created the longest continuous placement record in the history of the Royal Team. Just yesterday he also surpassed the Royal Sign Landmark Character George – Brett’s 30 consecutive Record. Just after the Merfield broke the team’s history record, Brett creating a 30-consecutive record of 30 consecutive records in the 1980 season.

Merfield’s 31 consecutive records is already a great existence, especially after introducing scientific statistics, the big alliance security rate has been slowly declining. Yang Jie Team, “Iron Horse” Joe Di Macho’s continuous 56, is also considered to be one of the most difficult records of modern baseball.

The royal team in the 2019 season shows bad, in the spring training, the iron catches Salvador – Perez. Although the team core Merfield has been fighting for a support, it is difficult to resist the facts of the royal team.

In the morning, the royal team will meet the powerful Indian team at home. The two bases of the Kansas Royal Squad and the two bases should be re-departed, and the fans who have been sent to the field with a win.