Mahms guided the show? Emirates will be implemented around the ponych

April 30 (Wen / ESPN Adam Teicher Compilation / White) When the Chief of Kansas City, the team hopes that the team will become the hard work of Mahms in the 2018 season. . Williams did not look forward, and he presented excellent in the most important game, including the super bowl in February, and he rushed out of more than 100 yards, got the last rush.

However, shortly after the 2020 NFL dramatic conference, Brett Viqi, the general manager of the Chief, sent a SMS to PATRick Mahomes. When asked this quarter-saving team, Mahmus replied: “Cleed.” This is the same as the final choice of the chief, and they selected Louisiana State in the 32nd. Clede Edwards-Helaire, University of Helaire, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, adds a new weapon to the running guard. Choosing Edward – Helair is a Decode and the head coach Andy Reed’s decision to make the chief has a more sufficient reserve in technology, surrounding the Mahms team.

In the past two years, Many of the work made by Brett and Andy is to introduce players who can continue to continue to continue. “Chief Chief Executive Officer Clark Hunter said:” It is very obvious, Halal is a Very special players can run. For us, there are excellent external hands, running guards and sharp line players are very important. “

Two years ago, when Mahmos was appointed as the first quarter-saving, Tarik Hill was only 24 years old. He is an extraction of the chief number of the chief, and the closer signed Sami Waterkins. Last year, the chief brought another outer plus Mokol Hadman through the draft, and extended Hill’s contract. This year, they re-signed Demucus Robinson. Due to the existence of Mahms, the chief must guarantee adequate high quality technology players. The first year of Mahms won the regular game MVP, helping the chief to win the first super bowl of championship in 50 years.

“I think the excellent players can really help Mahmus raise a game level.” Viqi said: “He is obviously the best player of NFL, the more you give him a weapon, the more he gave him. Tacker’s vertical offense, Mekor runs on the outside, inner and slots there are Tel Avis – Kelsea and Sami, they let the attacks run. “

Choosing Edward – Helair, may be the most realistic, most representative example of the Aerioplavi. The Emirates of the Emirates are already crowded. The number one running guard is Williams, and II running guards for De Andrew – Washington, and some young players, their role is limited, such as Darel Williams and Darwin – Thompson.

At the end of 2019, Damian Williams looked very energetic. He has two waves over 100 yards in the last five games in the regular season. Entering the playoffs, Williams achieved 6 times, including the 38-yard of the 38-yard of the Africa to help the Emirates in the fourth section of the Super Bowl. Although the staff is much more, on the talents, the chieftain has not reserves like Leel, Edward.

“In the football match, you can’t win the game, so we must take more talents now.” Reed said: “You have some good players who can choose, Edward – Helair’s advantage is that he is covered in the area In the power of the execution, and the ability to find the gap, these have been proved in the LSU. He can open your opponent in the run, then cut into the landscape, and finally accelerate. I want to say, he is not Same, there is a set of yourself. Different running guards should also participate in the pass attack, he has this ability. “

In the first round of the election, the first round of running guards seem to have an outdated approach, because today’s guidance of the NFL offensive tide is the pass attack, Edward – Helair is the only one of the first round of the election. guard. However, the polls around the Ai Aiko are not allowed by common sense, as long as it is needed, any reasonable requirement can be satisfied.