Lu Dufu whispering still has not recovered the steel person will enable the third quartz guard lightning

October 12 (compiled / big white) Only five games in the 2019 season, the Pittsburgh Steel people lost two quarters. On October 11, local time, the Steel Man Team announced that Mason Rudolph has been excluded from the Sunday game against Los Angeles lightning.



The steel man will enable the three quartz guards, and Hodgs will usher in the first time in Sunday.

“This is a league that is full of opportunities.” Ramon Foster said: “Ramon Foster said:” Some people will stand on the first position because of others’ misfortunes, often incredible careers are This is the starting point. Hodch is like a child as a child, but he will play an explosive attack. “

Ramon - Foster

Ramon – Foster

Learn about the replacement of the steel man’s substitute, this is a new show of the steel people’s excavation, and just started to be trained in training. After the injury, Hodch is officially entered the list of 53 people in the steel man and was enabled. In the competition of the Mosa Crow in Baltie, Hodgis took place in the third quarter on Sunday. In the only placement time, Hodgos 9 passed the 68 yards, helping the steel man got a reachable and one free kick.

Hodgis participated in this year’s mini rookie training camp and was invited by the steel man to the formal training camp. The Sanford University players have won the best offensive players in Walter-Pedton FCS in 2018. He was cut off after the last game of the preseason, but it was checked in a few weeks later. In that year, Hoschs wanted to join the University of Alabama for Nick Salan, but the high school graduated in high school can only be succumbed to the University of Sanford. Height is 6 feet 1 inch, and the weight of 210 pounds of Hodgies is called “duck” outside the university. In his efficient Sanford University career, throwing out of 14584 yards, 111 reached, 41 cases .

Rudolph encountered the crow safety Wei Erhamas in last week, once faint, and the scene was very horrible. Thomas Because the helmet collide with the helmet received a $ 21 million ticket this week, he intends to appeal. Despite the list of observation of the brain, Rudolph has completed a full-week restricted training. During this period, Hodgs was pushed into the main position in the training, and accepted the emergency training of steel people.

Although Hodch is lacking the experience of NFL game, the steel man believes this young man can lead the team to win, and reverse this bad season during this process. At present, the steel man is not good to achieve 1 win and 4 losses. They will encounter lightning that will encounter problems next week (2 wins and 3 losses).

“You can see his shadow in the game, we will score under his leaders.” Steel people took over Zhu Zhu – Smith – Schith-Schuster said: “I am not nervous.” We have to go to Los Angeles, which will be a very interesting game. “

Professional Bowl of MAURKMQAMYMY MAURKICE PUNCEY: “He (Hoschos) looks very good, last week he suddenly told me in a pass protection, let me change the cover strategy. He knew herself What did you do, then, we started to realize that he really can take us to win. “

The steel team will also draw a quarter-Lynch and Runter-Thorne, the steel person, this week, Joaden Edmmmond, through the attack of the offensive front line player Fred – Johnson and Line Wijerne Leott is a space.