It’s a pity! Yoschi brothers are coming, Morris Batler did not play, the Nuggets took away the victory.

Text / Bask

NBA’s regular season continues, Nuggets War Heat, and finally, the Nuggets defeated the heat in 120-111. In terms of data, the Nuggets’ Jiki 24 points 15 rebounds 7 assists, Gordon 20 points 4 rebounds 5 assists, Barton 14 points 5 rebounds 4 assists, Jeff Green 12 points, Morris 11 points 4 rebounds 6 assists, sea Rand 19 points 3 assists, Campazzo 10 points 5 assists, Xiaolifos 7 points; Heat Adebad is 24 points 13 rebounds 6 assists, Martin 18 points 4 rebounds, Lori 17 points 14 assists, tower Gram 8 points 5 rebounds, Strus 19 points, Vincent 14 points, Dadon 8 points 6

Such a competition, the reason is to be concerned, because about Yicchi previously angry Mares, then? The saliva war of the two sides is also continuously carried out, Jiki’s brother, Morris’s star brother, has stood up and talk. In this way, the 2 teams have again confused and full of fun. Interestingly, this place of battle is the home of the Heat.

Earlier, there is news that about Jiki’s brothers are also buying tickets. This reality has also proved this, that is, Jochi’s brother is really coming, such a standing, still very interesting. From the perspective of 2 people, it is really exceeding a lot of people, that is, if 2 people are fighting, they are definitely a good hand.

Unfortunately, Morris still didn’t play. Morris has never played the ball since the last time was pushed down by Johi. This kind of thing is concerned about the fans. In this way, Morris is not there, and there is a lot of attention to the game. Because, for many people, I want to see the lively. For the people who eat melon, I have never seen it is not too big.

It’s unfortunately, this time, there seems to be no lively. Because not just Morris doesn’t play, it is not played. As a result, the game is also conducted in accordance with the class, and Jiki is also a good playback. The previous Yicchi, because of the absence of a few games, but such a game, Joji is not absent. As for the reason, everyone knows. On the one hand, it is naturally the body recovery. On the other hand, it is about Kaiqi.

Unfortunately, Johi didn’t have it, but the other party is a bit of feelings, this is a bit awkward. Because, Morris gives people feel that it is completely. Moreover, for the emergence of Yicchi brothers, the famous remember said: “Johi’s two brothers brave the hot fire home, but I don’t believe that there is a home audience to dare to move them, even if it is eye-catching.” This kind of statement is still very objective.

For fans, it is basically identified. That is, Jochi brothers look itself, although not in the fierce god, but the kind of gas field is in that, you don’t dare to despise such people. Have to say, Jochi’s brothers, even if they help you, on the fight, they should also be afraid of anyone. These are all natural things. After all, their physical condition is that it is.

It’s a pity! Yoschi brothers are coming, Morris Batler did not play, the Nuggets took away the victory. In this way, a rendered competition is therefore a little married. And this also confirms the sentence: I hope that the greater the disappointment.