In the next half of the 2018 season, the top half of the season was completed. Before this season, he staged a wonderful performance. He couldn’t help but began to imagine the peak of the peak. The strength and speed of both the Jeregia have reached a 31st thief.Turning to the history of MLB amenities, 40 players have reached the achievements of the single 30 bombings of the single season, and this achievement has always been considered to be a power and speed indicator. There are only four players in history to complete the 40-40 amazing data. They are home running Wang Barry – Bonz, Cuba Heavy Cannon Ji Plug – Canseco Monster Alfonso – Soriano.MLB history has not reached 50 bombing 30 thieves, but Jeregi may reach

this ancestors’ beast data at the end of the season.

Before the MLB Cleveland All-Star Tournament, Jerege represented the Milwaukee winemaker, and 31stballs smuggled the pride of the full League 19 pirates and columns fourth. It is worth noting that Jerich is the only one in the first half season. A 30-15 player.

Because the back is injured, Jeregia misses the nine games this season. However, according to the current data extension, it can still be calculated that he will achieve 55 rampages and 34 pirates at the end of the season, https://www.trikotskaufenn.comwhich is the combination of the strength and speed of MLB.

Of course, Jeregia is not the first player who has the opportunity to chase 50-30. MLB has been close to this data is the famous field
of the famous field, Walker, who played 49-33 data in the 1997 table, and reached a historical milestone.