I understand the sun 18 win! The longest team history + history ninth, Paul’s record, Warriors, come to the knife!

Beijing https://www.maillotbasket6.com time on December 3, 2021-22 season NBA regular competition fierce battle. In today’s focus battle, the Sun team hosted the challenge of the Pistons. Although the piston has made a big trouble to the Sun team, the Sun Team finally defeated the piston team at 114-103, and the record became 19 wins and 3 negative, and the first place was continued.

After this victory, the Sun team also achieved 18 consecutive victories! 18 The winning victory also created the longest winning record of the solar team, even if the entire NBA history, 18 games are also ranked 9th!

The process of the solar team 18 consecutive victory is as follows (Beijing time):

October 31: At home 101-92 knight;

November 3: At home 112-100 鹈鹕;

November 5: At home 123-111 rocket;

November 7: At home 121-117 eagle;

November 9: Off-road 109-104 King;

November 11: Home 119-109 pioneer;

November 13: Off-road 119-94 Grizzlies;

November 15th: Avosphere 115-89 rocket;

November 16: Off-road 99-96 forest wolf;

November https://www.nbatrikots4.com 18: Home 105-98 unique;

November 20th: The home 112-104 monk;

November 22: At home 126-97 Nuggets;

November 23: 115-111 Spurs 15-11;

November 25: Off-road 120-115 Knight;

November 27: 118-97 Knicks

November 28: Off-site 113-107 Nets;

December 1: At home 104-96 Warriors;

December 3: Home 114-103 Pistons.

In this wave of 18 consecutive victories, the Sun Team does not lack some important competitions, including away the basket network, and hit the Warriors at home. In particular, the competition of the Warriors, the Sun Team directly rushed to the first place. At the same time, in this midst of this competition team, the Sun team has harvested confidence.

So far, the solar team has scored, the average assists, the average scheduling alliance is the 4th place, and the hit hit rate is the first https://www.nbatrikots4.com of the league, and their three-point global intermediate Ranking League 7th place. In the defensive end, the solar team’s defensive efficiency is high in the second place.

The reason why the Sun Team can get 18 consecutive victories, Paul is undoubtedly the existence of the sea. After defeating the Warriors before defeating the Warriors, he has become the first player who leads the three different teams in the NBA history. This 36-year-old old will remain in its own brilliant. So far, the Paulhouse has been 14.5 points 4.2 rebound 10.1 assists, including the first place in the college parties.

According to the schedule, the Sun Team will challenge the Warriors tomorrow. If they can continue to win, they will continue to refresh the team history and rose to the sixth place in the NBA history win list!