Hunan Hydrological System The second staff basketball player Single Single Single Changde Division contest held a successful seven team and Changde two teams successfully advanced

Shang one network news (correspondent Xu Longteng)From September 27th to 29th, the Hunan Hydrology System Hosted by Hunan Provincial Hydrology Center, successfully held a successful Hunan Hydrological System, from Zhangjiajie Hydrological Center, Shaoyang Hydrological Center, Huaihua Hydrology Center, Changde Hydrology The 4 teams of the center conducted a 3-day wonderful competition.

The game site.

On the morning of the 27th, the opening ceremony was kicked off in the solemn national song, and Li Binghui, the party committee of Changde Hydrological Center, and Li Binghui, who made a speech, athletes and referees, respectively. Subsequently, Zhang Guangze announced the official start of the competition.

At the scene of the competition, each participating players fully carry forward the spirit of competitiveness that dare to fight and be brave enough in the principles of “Friendship First, the Second” of “Friendship First, Competition”. Everyone is in the attack and defense, you come to me, don’t make each other, each perfect cooperation, every wonderful steal, every wonderful goal can win the enthusiastic applause and cheering on the field.

Take a photo on the spot.

After three days of fierce competition, the two teams of Huaihua Hydrological Center and Changde Hydrological Center finally won the top two in Changde, and advanced to the second phase of the second employee basketball game of Hunan Hydrological System.