Hawks two will be hurt, and the marginal team laying offers a salary space.

April 2 (Wen / ESPN BRADY HENDERSON Compilation / Draskar) This week, Seattle Hawks officially announced that they have put safely saterterick-Thompson into the transit list, and tangent to the near-end Edison Dickson .

The movement of the Hawks is expected in the outside world, and the two are currently suffering from injuries. The Hawk decision and the two will take more than $ 5 million of salary space after the two people. This is not only letting them have a lot of air in the renewal negotiations of the top of the team. Even if the team does not have a contract, the team also has enough space to sign the other top-level rush hands.

Among the two players who lost their rice bowls, Thompson was only 25 years old. He is the four-wheeled show of the 2017 Hawow, and he became the free security guard of the Hawk after the team’s merit safety Wei Er-Thomas. In the past two seasons, he has played 16 times, and there is no performance of flash. In the 2019 season, he once sent a key to the team in October, and the team was launched for the team; but he will often make mistakes in the game, so that the opponent gets the number of large numbers. The biggest mistake is that when the Hawks have a crow, he let the opponent completed the 50 yards of long distance advancement. After the game is transferred, even the head coach Pitt-Carol is a “huge mistake”. He only played 6 games in the season. He accepted the joint lip surgery due to the shoulder injury.

Doundre Diggs replaced Thompson’s position became a new first safety space, and Thompson’s position was increasingly marginalized. According to the league’s field, the performance of Thompson’s performance made him the basis of his foundation this season reached 21.33 million US dollars. The Hawow will take him back to the space of more than $ 2 million, only to the team with a $ 168,000 dollar.

In August last year, 32-year-old Dickson did knee surgery because of injuries. Although he once again in November, it is a list of injuries. The foundation of Dickson’s expected basic wages reached 3 million US dollars next season. If he can enter the list of games, he can get a $ 400,000 bonus. After the Hawks cut off Dickson, he will leave 867,000 US dollars to die, tending more than $ 3 million of salary space.

Dickson was a contract with a free player and a $ 3.17 million contract in 2018. That season he missed the top 6 games, and the next 10 games held a total of 143 yards and 3 times. Before Dickson was played in Baltimore Crow and Carolina Black Leopard, it was a 10-year name for the name.

The Hawks introduced the old neighboring front-end Greg – Olsen after the end of the super bowl. At the same time, Will Disgrison will also rehabilitate from the injury of bleck breakage, providing the sea eagle to provide the depth of the near-terminal position.