Harden is hot! 17 minutes, 10 free throws, cut 28 points, Durant 兰尔

On December 1st, New York Derby War started, before the game, Rose, Gibson, Nordan, in the future, it seems that Nicks attaches great importance to this game. Take a look at the starting lineup

Before the game, the camera gave Walker, who was abandoned, but Walker’s career spirit is still, wearing training suit sitting with the team.

At the beginning of the game, Knicks took the lead in entering the rhythm. Fu Niye gave the first https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com point, and the Nets took the first point through Mills, and then the Harden counterattacked + and took a three-pointer and won 5 points.

During the suspension, the Broadcasting party specially gave the data contrast of the visor, it can be clearly seen that Harden came to the Net network, the assists data was significantly declining, and it was more than 10 in the field. Only 7.3 last season, this season There are only 6.8 times.

After coming back, Knick made a wave of 9-0, Haden Raising a 2 + 1 tartarm.

In the first quarter, https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
Durant gave the performance opportunity to the brother, he only won 2 points. His highlight is this tribute to the Landel, and the Passing Assistance team friend Tomas hits three points.

The logog is high, only 8 minutes 36 seconds, 5 shots 4, three points 2, free throw 6 penalty 5, got 15 points 1 plate 1 help.

The first section ends, 33-28, and the Nets lead.

In the second section, Rose came up to make a penalty, turning his head and mistaken, gave Rose, a chance to help attack, the Knicks team was too strong, and two consecutive times were quickly countered.

Harden uses breakthrough in continuous manufacturing fouls, as of the second quarter, Harden has received 8 free throws, tonight’s Naggland state online!

The score of both sides has been stalemating. During this period, Rose showed the strength https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com of Mr. the big scene, first in three points, then slammed Milhap, and then dismantled.

Harden with a replacement lineup, it can obvious Nicks, which is even more fierce, forcing the Net network, and then played 7-0, Nash called. Durant came back.

Adu came back to the middle, and then he also assisted Xiaobaz to cut his hand. Subsequently, Adu began with the other party. Unfortunately, Adu is not good today, and it has not been invested several times. Randl two times face the defensive defensive in Adu, all of them into 2 + 1, and Adu’s state is urgently needed.

In the final stage of the second section, Harden broke the breakthrough again, 2 free throws 2, half a half, 61-60, Knicks lead.

In the first half, Harden played well, 12 shots, 10 free throws 9, have taken 28 points 2 assists 1 board, https://www.nbatrikots4.com Durant 9 shot 2, win 6 points 5 assists 3 boards

At Du saw that Harden was well played, just gave him the performance opportunity, he was in power, waiting for the outbreak of the back, perhaps this is the best operation mode of the Net Network: Harden rate team start, Durant Segment harvest.

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