Gunpowder is full! Haslem shouts about Kikichi brother: No one touchs your brother, don’t make trouble in Miami!

Beijing time November 29, 2021-22 season NBA regular competition fierce battle. According to the schedule, in a focus of tomorrow, the Heat will meet the Nuggets at home. Since the two teams burst large-scale conflicts in the first handing office, this game is particularly attracting fans.

Earlier this earlier, the Heat of Head came to this, he said: “The thing is over. No one has time to continue to entangle this, life is so short, anyway, I have no time to do this. You are talking to a person who has seen everything in addition to the wind, I have too much things, this conflict is over. “

According to reports, Jochi’s two brothers have bought a ball ticket and will go to Miami to see this game. In this regard, Haslem said: “These have
nothing to do with me, we have to play a basketball game. The matter is over, I have heard that they want to come to Miami to watch the game. I advise them best not The crossing, don’t provoke on the court. Miami is my city, what do you buy? What do you want to do? Let’s enjoy the game, then bring a loss home. No one will make your brother, we are all To play basketball. “

At the conflict at the time, the Heat player Dameris deliberately elbowed about Jiki when he was going back, and then Yauchi directly put the big Morris. Then both players caught in the quarrel, the Heaters’ star Badler continuously spurt.

In the end, Jikiqui and Damore were punished by the ban. And the brothers of the two also added to this battle, about Jikichi’s brother and Xiao Morres mutually ridiculous on social media. Therefore, the second round of the two teams is very attractive to the fans.

As of now, the Heat 13 wins and 7 negative ranks 2nd, the Nuggets, 9 wins and 10th, the 10th place in the western part.