good news! James eight times detected negative, officially passed the health agreement, will play the same city Deby

On December 3, Beijing time, the previous news about James in Salamen accepted a positive news, and everyone guess why James will infect viruses, and it is also discussing how much time James needs to recover. Play. To know that James has been resting in many games this season, if it really leads to another stop because of the problem of viruses, then the lake is really dangerous. Only two people who have a strong and strong eyebrows, the Woman’s combat power will definitely decline.

However, after a short day, there is another good news. That is James to return to Los Angeles, and then do eight consecutive nucleic acid detection, then the results of these tests are negative every time, which proves that James is very large. It may be no problem at all. Therefore, the alliance followed the James’s health agreement, which means that James didn’t need to stop. In the same city of the Boat, James has a lot of possibilities to attend the game, and it is likely to show a strong combat.

Because James was positively published in social media after learning the results of their nucleic acid detection, everyone guess this because James is frustrating myself, in fact, this is just because James depressed himself Status is just still need to stop. Now that James will definitely play their best state without stopping. Although James now is not the first person in the league, it is absolutely one of the strongest players in the alliance.

In fact, James had a certain problem in the nucleic acid test itself made by Sarattero, because James was taken two samples, and a negative, and another one rendered positive. This is not too reasonable, etc. After returning to Los Angeles, this has become full, which represents Saramen’s machine that detects James’s machines probably problem. So James’s fans don’t need to be too worried, James is not too difficult to do so.

In addition, James has been in strict situations for their own physical protection. At present, the number of people in the United States has reached tens of millions, and each NBA player may be infected. Among them, there are many NBA players who are also recovered after infection, but this does not guarantee that they have no contagism, so James will have a big risk in the alliance itself. He is ill, but we still believe that James will not suffer.

There are also some conspiracy theories that this is someone deliberately framing James, wanting to let James can’t play playing, otherwise, why is it positive between Salamen in Salamen? Is it negative in Los Angeles? In fact, this kind of speech is not any reason, and does not say why some people want James that James can’t play, just say that the current Lakers’ record, they simply can’t threaten any team. And this is just the beginning of the season, and James is not good for others.

But for our fans, James’s ball is also a little one less. Since he can play the game, this is natural is the best result. I hope that James can return to the field in time and continue to bring us the best performance in the game. James for 37 years old is definitely a generation of youth, as long as James is fine, even if he is doing bad, the fans will like to watch him play.

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