Four stars are rid of! The wave god season is the strongest battle, and the George’s passer is a three-pointer, Leiji has a big joke.

On November 24th, Beijing time, NBA regular season, who ended his own three-game losers at 112-104 at 112-104. The East Chickens of the Sale of this game, he contributed 56 points with Pozzi Jis, helping the team to win. The rapid team of George and Leji-Jackson jointly contributed 57 points, and the end of George’s life was a three-pointer. But the overtime, the Salersman completely ruled the game, and the fast ship can be free to lose the ball at home.

In fact, the game is still very focused on this game, and the first half of the fast ship is leading 48-42. The second half is the climax of the game, the third year of Riggi-Jackson got 14 points for the Siode Eastern, Lei Single Festival, and the East Chuanqi Single Festival slashed 15 points. The last 1 minute and 35 seconds, the clipper is still 10 points, but the retail of the retained shuttle player will stand a wave 11-1 in the last 1-30, and George last 1.1 seconds in the bottom horns three-point. Drag the game into the time. As a result, the time of the season, the monk returned to the arrival of the fast boat, 9-1, and completely killed the game.

George George George and Leiji, Jackson. The George this game has played for 48 minutes, contributed 26 points and 9 rebounds 6 assists, although his overall shooting only 23 votes 7, but his last section of the transistive three points can be worth the city, and George has 12 free throws. The inside of the exclusive man was killed.

Leiji-Jackson was fortunate to get the highest 31 points in the audience, and 10 rebounds 2 assists 3 steals, he is the absolute hero of the last season. But the overtime, Legu is a lot of soul, and he still caught the jokes of the ball card in the neck twice, and there is a data website that this is definitely in the history of NBA. Once happened.

On the other side of the exclusive man, Dong Chicchi just returned to three pairs of three-double data for 26 points and 9 rebounds 9 assists. After absent three games, the status of East Chickens is not bad. After the game, Dong Chic said: “I am really happy to come back, I miss the basketball, I feel great after night before the game.” The coach Kidd also said that the East Chickens conducted in the past two days. Training Office In a very high level, he also has a very satisfaction with the performance today today, Kidd believes that Dong Chickens makes a good decision between the opportunity to find a shot and let the teammates participate in.

And to say that the most eye-catching people today is still the inner line of Borders, Bordeis, Wakawa, 40 minutes, 16 in the audience, three of them, three of them, 3, 10, cut 30 points 7 The rebound 1 assists 1 steals 1 cover, it can be said that he is the strongest battle this season. After this, the Way of Warace came to 20+ for 7 consecutive games, refreshed his career’s longest 20-consecutive record. At the same time, in the past 7 games, the field can get 26 points 9.3 rebound 2.3 assists 1.4 cover, The midotive rate also entered the 180 club, and it was visible that the field of Waveness was in full state.

Wave dehen can make such performances should benefit from Kidd to the change of team tactics. Kidd changed the practice of Karaire’s death, but increased the team’s poor cooperation and low single singles. This change allows the gods to play more, and the score will also retrieve the feeling of playing in New York. More importantly, Kidd’s changes have not destroyed the core play of East Chicgens, but also increased the ability of the East Chickens. Now I’ve got 10 wins in the leader of Kid, I have achieved 10 wins and 7 negative records in the western part, then if they hit the bus in the first round playoff, this time they will win?