Forbes athlete’s income list announced, Xiaomegong leads the four major alliances in North America

It is worth mentioning that Rogers signed NFL history in August 2018, the total annual contract of $ 44 million, and Wilson signed a 4-year $ 400 million in April this year, and the Haiying team signed a 4-year contract, breakingRogers record.Ultra-high annual salary allows them to be proud of the infants.At the same time, the two players are equally favored in other fields. The teams in which the two people are NFL have been very competitive in recent years. Rogers took the superblé’s trophy in the 2010 season. Wilson is also in 2013.I have done this season.Although the two teams currently experience some twists and turns, these two stars are always unsightly.And the two vetements of the two are quite a concern, Rogers’s former girlfriend Olivia – Munn is a well-known actor. The current girlfriend Danika-Patrick is after the racing; the Wilson’s wife is a well-known R & B female singerCiara.So the two stars’s field life has also become the focus of many people.